3/8/2014In memory of my best friend you will be missed and loved by so many. Cross that rainbow bridge and watch over us as you always did when you were with us. No more pain my baby........Kim WilloughbyOcala, FloridaMarch 10, 2014
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Thinking of you today my baby boy. Watch over your sisters and brothers that cross the Rainbow Bridge. I love you to the moon and back and always will. Special hugs and kisses from Mommy carried to you on Angels wings.Kim Gagne - July 27, 2019
Rush was my buddy i cryed he was there to lick the terse of my face and that look he gave was the most best face i can never ever forget. It is in my head and it is never ever going away. It was a look that is always going to be there in your head. It is SO nice that it is the best LOOK you can ever see in your guidry - September 18, 2015
RIP buddyMatthew Shook - August 20, 2015
You are still and always be my best friend and confidantRush's Mom Kim - March 12, 2015
Tato tato tato. I made you out of clay. Tato tato tato. Forever you will stay.Amber Gagliano - March 11, 2015 boy i love heart broken i couldn't be there for I write this i cry and my heart is aching. I hope your doggy smile still is lovely...I miss you. <\3Mariea Tagliaferro - November 6, 2014
Just thinking of you today as always and I still miss you every day. Be at peace my baby boy. I love you always!Kim Gagne' - July 20, 2014
R.I.P. Rush!Dana Jones - March 10, 2014
Dana Jones - March 10, 2014
He was and will always be my best friend and I will never forget himKenneth Willoughby - March 10, 2014
I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Rush, Pets really are our family, so sorry.Deb Day - March 10, 2014
You were the most noble beast I have ever known. Rest in peace my friend.AlanY Sucher - March 10, 2014

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