8/14/2004 - 8/30/2019Miss Kaia, Pooh bear, you are so loved. I wished this day never came. It was so hard to say good bye.. I watched your health decline shortly after Homer passed away. Even though you you had some serious medical issues, you were alway a good, sweet dog. You persevered through so much. You are so special tour family. When you left, I felt like a part of me left with you. I dreamt of you already.. you were young an running with homer. When I was sorting laundry this morning, I swear I saw you in corner of my eye. While I hurt, I know it doesn’tt compare what you had with my husband. I know his heart hurts. I had to explain this to my 3 year old. Thank you for being a part of our family. You brought us so much joy and taught us so much. Thank you for the love you gave us. I miss you and will carry you in my heart. Run free with Homer. I’ll see you and Homer again on the other side.Jennifer KrosWinter Garden, FloridaAugust 31, 2019
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