1/1/2004 - 8/30/2019Mesa, you changed our lives, both when we adopted you and when we lost you. I hope we never forget the blessing that you were. I pray that you knew how very much we loved you. You were our problem child, but somehow you decided you would keep us. We will always miss you.Jill deGraffenreidSterling, VirginiaAugust 31, 2019
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You were all very blessed to have each other. I cried for you.
Wade Hyett - September 4, 2019
Reading Jill's words leave me in tears, because of all the great memories. Mesa feared me at first, never got close to me like Jill, but slowly accepted me as the third family member. That was the heart of our situation -- we were three. Mesa didn't seem to acknowlege a species difference. And didn't believe she should be excluded from activities.
Eventually I had my place -- trail leader and substitute food giver. And when Jill was gone, she eventually sought me out for solace. Mesa never lost her desire to bark at me to protect Jill, even though the barking turned to squinty eyes when I petted her. Everyone we knew was entertained by her barking at me.
I also have many Mesa stories, but I'll only share them in trickles. This is day 5 since her passing and it still hurts.
I have a vision of her -- standing on a cloud with other past pets like Nico and Moses and Jean-Paul, watching us go on without them, waiting to rejoin us. Crazy idea, but oh so beautiful.
Love you, Mesa.
Duncan Degraffenreid - September 4, 2019

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