Joey Boots
4/1/2008 - 8/29/2019Joey Boots had a soul and personality of a human. We miss him so much, the void is an open hole that can never be replaced. We love you JB..BooLisa and David HaymanBoca Raton, FloridaSeptember 3, 2019
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Joey Boots was a special cat. He used to let me pick him up, until I became overexuberant, then he hid from me. He would always come around looking for food when I pat sat. He will be missed.

You will always have his love. Hugs!
Leida Cardona - September 7, 2019
Joey always made it a pleasure to kitty sit. At the front door first and also first in line for the treats.
We love him and will miss him very much.
Henry & Joyce Kitchens - September 6, 2019
Such a sweet, handsome boy!Tiffany Matheson - September 5, 2019
JB was very luck to have a life with you two.
Thushari, Pri, and kids
Thushari Liyanage - September 5, 2019
Such a special kitty. Glad I had the chance to know him and he will be very missed.
It is such an honor to receive the love of such a special animal. They touch and enrich our lives in so many ways.
Every day spent with them is such a blessing. May all the good memories comfort you both during this difficult time.
He is now rolling in the sun in heaven.
Nancy Demonstranti - September 4, 2019
What a special kitty!! Its amazing the bond we develop with our pets. The time we have with our beloved pets is never enough. I am so sorry!Nick Vitani - September 4, 2019
Joey Boots was the best. Those eyes made it seem like he understood everything you said to him.
Coolest cat I’ve ever met. Couldn't have found a better family than he had.
Suzanne Harper - September 4, 2019
Joey was a great cat and it is always so sad to let them go. He got to live in a great home with lots of love and with his other cat buddies.John and Marta Janzen - September 4, 2019
I can tell he was an amazing kitty. I feel your loss.

Edy Ortiz - September 4, 2019

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