1/31/2005 - 8/31/2019I hope I gave you a good life.... I brought you home in January of 2006, from a lineup at PetSmart. Roughly a year old, and despite having been mistreated during that time, you saw the word 'sucker'written all over my face. You plopped down in my lap during the adoption event, and stared me in the face with that hamburger-loving grin. I knew I was in for trouble when you hopped over the baby gate the first day I went back to work. You eagerly awaited at the top of the stairs when I came home…so proud of your accomplishment. A couple of days passed, until I gave up trying to keep you cordoned off, while gone. Waste of money, that gate was. It didn’t take long for you to figure out that this was your forever home. That it was your (self-identified) duty to fiercely protect it. More often than not, you disagreed with my choice of visitors – sometimes to an unexpected extreme. The UPS driver was not welcome (yet the FedEx and postal service folks passed the test). Even family and close friends were suspect, and received barks and growls. I won’t miss the routine vet visits, and I’ll bet those scrub wearing folk won’t either. Yep, at times you were a pain in the ass. Alternatively, food, toys, long walks, windows down car rides, and chasing cats, rabbits, and squirrels brought out the best in you. While there was love for most anything kitchen prepared, you were a true hamburger connoisseur. If it was drive-thru, Roy Rogers. Home-cooked? An Aunt Bethany burger. Frosty Paw? ANY FLAVOR. Your precision in removing the squeaker in stuffed toys, through the tiniest of incisions, or your uncanny ability to nab a dry piece of penne pasta held between my teeth, without so much as a whisker touching me, was masterful. You never damaged or destroyed anything that wasn’t yours to do so with. You had an innate, gentle curiosity of all sorts of wildlife around you--turtles, frogs and especially cats. The last few years saw you enduring some hardships—fatty tumor removals, the unexpected loss of your dopey big brother Buddy, being jumped/bitten by a German Shepherd,and kidney failure. Despite these, you remained strong, focused, and resilient. Up until the last weeks and days, one would never guess the amount of pain you endured. You left a few scars on my skin over the years…a huge scar on my heart, on August 31st. I miss ya Murphy, Murphy B, Downtown Murphy Brown. I hope I gave you a good life…see you on the other side.Matt NagyAshburn, VirginiaSeptember 11, 2019
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