8/1/2007 - 3/12/2019My dear Lissy,
I can't believe you've been gone 6 months. I still see your white tail flickering around the corners. I still hear your distinct jingle throughout the house. I think of you and Rocky bear often. Although you're resting together, side-by-side in the back yard, I wish you were both still running around in here. I miss your stubbornness and your wide smile. The other girls run around the back yard still, but they don't dig your hole. They don't try to reach the other side and come in smiling and covered in dirt and mud. The things that would drive my crazy are the things I miss. I miss all of you, baby girl.
Jenn DrileaSt Petersburg, FloridaSeptember 12, 2019
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Last year was **tough**, losing both Rocky and Lissy. Lissy was your first dog, and yes, she gave you fits, and me too, but nevertheless lovable. As with all these rescue dogs, you never know for sure what they suffered through to get to your care. I really like the bottom most left picture of her, one that I do not have. She has been on my lock screen for the better part of August, head resting on the stairway railing...and looking ever so peaceful.Vlaicu Drilea - September 15, 2019

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