Dexter Lee
8/1/2008 - 9/11/2019Dexter a.k.a. "Pap: Leader of SPF (Special Pap Forces),"
We love and we miss you more than we thought possible. Not a moment goes by that we don't wish you were here, eating your and your sister's poo (Why did you do that???#gross). Despite that, you were so beautiful and regal in every way. We rescued you, but, really, you rescued us. You made us feel safe and secure whenever Daddy was at work, and you made sure to protect your little boy (#raccoonsbeware). You were the best running, camping, playing "catch," COMPANION a family could have. Your depature has left hole in our home and an even bigger one in our hearts. Lucky for us, you also left your paw print on our hearts, and that's where you will remain until we are reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.
God bless you, Sweet Dexter.

Play on, Pap. .
Menifee, CaliforniaSeptember 13, 2019
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Sweet Dexter,
I will always remember our camping days with you. Watching you walk with your family and protecting them from the crazy Halloween adults always made me giggle, especially watching them run away from you. 🙊 Thank you for being the best companion to a family I love. Thank you for bringing them happiness, security, and most of all, love. We will always remember you, Dexter.
Love always,
The Giordano Family
Krista Giordano - September 21, 2019
Sweet sweet puppy❣️ I’m so grateful that you were in my life-I was at peace knowing you were on watch for mommy and your little boy... I’m also so grateful for the time we had together while I puppy-sat you and sissy ❤️ I know you had plenty of playmates waiting to welcome you after God welcomed you with the words “well done good boy”.💔💔💔🐾🐾Puppy Grandma Nichley - September 13, 2019
Sweet Dexter was a handsome and kind boy, may he play on at the Rainbow Bridge!Lorry Jolitz - September 13, 2019

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