2/10/2001 - 2/11/2014Brutus was a very special pomeranian. He was really smart. If you told him to "assume the position", he would turn around so you could pick him up. Each time you walked in the house, he would welcome you with a toy in his mouth with this beautiful trumpet sound. He used to have this tiny squeaky monkey toy, and I would squeeze it and tell him, "say hi mr monkey". When I put the toy on the floor, Brutus would pick the toy up and as I told him to "say hi mr monkey", he would bite the toy until it squeaked for me. Then Brutus would get a round of applause. He taught the other poms a game with the cat too. While the other pom got the cat to run, Brutus would hide just around the corner of the hallway where the cat couldnt see him. When the cat ran, Brutus would try to cut the cat off and scare her as she came around the hallway. We can tell the cat misses him and keeps looking for her buddy who gave her such a good chase game. Brutus was very gentle and loving. He was orange and cream....he looked like a baby cub.Connie Olsensmyrna, DelawareMarch 14, 2014
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Miss you deeply Brutus! Where ever I go, I know you will always be behind me.....following me. Love you forever, my best buddy. Mommyconnie olsen - March 15, 2014
Brutus loved his Dad. He always had time for a high-five or rubbing his forehead against mine. I will miss you terribly Buddy!!Curt Olsen - March 15, 2014

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