12/22/2000 - 9/6/2019Our little Super Sushi lived a long and amazing life. She was almost 19 in Dec. She was a little dog with a HUGE personality. She was a Diva! We will miss her so much and I am heartbroken!💔

Sushi was my buddy and never left my side for almost 19 years. She was my son’s buddy and teased him every single day. Sushi was the grand-dog and super spoiled by my parents always. She sat by my side for 2 months while I was on bedrest with my son, if I was ever sad she would be right there trying to cheer me up, she entertained us since the day we got her, she smiled when I called her a “coconut puppy”, she would attack me if I talked about Santa Claus pants/pajamas(she did this up until a couple weeks ago, it was so funny), she loved riding in my convertible bug, she protected us with lots of barks, she taught Cade about animals and how to be kind to elder pets, she was blind for 4 years and sometimes she made us forget she was blind, she was a diva and would get organic cheese on all her food(she would not eat it without it), she only ate carrots dipped in ranch, she was the star of Cade’s STEM Fair project at 17 years old “Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” (the answer was yes) and I could go on and on about her big personality.

She will be so missed every single day. She was such a big part of our family and for so long. The last couple years she was so tough and just kept on going. We love you always Sushi! You will always be in my heart and all of our hearts that knew her. We have so many great memories to cherish! Thank you Sushi for being the best dog ever!!!
Shannon Rusmisel-ClarkTampa, FloridaSeptember 16, 2019
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I smile when I think of you, Sushi. Thank you for the great memories. You will forever be lovedVicki Williams - September 17, 2019
Sushi was such an awesome, spunky little pup! She and I bonded when I had the chance to watch her for the week. She became my little buddy after that and would snuggle up to me anytime I was at the house after that week with her. Sushi will be missed! 💜Sharai Clark - September 17, 2019
Sushi was a great, little dog. Spunky, funny, protective and loving. She will be missed by all who knew her. May the memories of her get sweeter and more precious as the days go by.Tony and Diane Clark - September 16, 2019
Our sweet Sushi, you will be in our hearts forever. You have left us with so many beautiful memories.❤️❤️YJim and Janet Rusmisel - September 16, 2019
Sushi was an amazing doggie that I was able to know and be a part of for almost her whole life. We used to hang out on the couch together while I watched tv. She was a huge part of the family and when Cade was born she accepted the new presence of having someone else in the house pretty well. She entertained our son and he loved her very much. Sushi will always be missed but she left behind so many great memories that we will all be able to keep with us forever!Matthew Clark - September 16, 2019
You will forever live in my heart!❤️
I love you so much Sushi!!
Shannon Rusmisel-Clark - September 16, 2019
I love you Sushi!!!Cade Clark - September 16, 2019

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