9/9/2010 - 10/2/2019To my sweet Roxy, you came into my life when I needed you the most. You were there when I needed support, you were with me for 3 moves, finally landing in our house, through meeting my husband Joe and having our son Joey. You will always be Joey's Roxy girl and he told me I have been your cat mom for 200 years, long time, but maybe I knew you in another life. You were fiesty at times, but always good for a cuddle and loved spending time with me on my lap. Always getting up just to walk in the way of Joe every morning, because you didn't want him to leave. I loved when you slept each night with us and how you always came in to hear stories and listen to me sing to Joey at bedtime. I can not believe you are gone, but somewhere over the rainbow you are having treats and relaxing with your friends. I will miss you so greatly and will no doubt keep looking for your around our home. May you rest easy Roxy.Suzanne TollandEAST WALPOLE, MassachusettsOctober 3, 2019
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Sweet Roxy girl it took a while of watching you for you to come around .I remember how you would block the hall so I could not get to your litter box ..I’m sure my use of treats helped .I will miss your sweet face looking at me till I gave you a treat . You were so lucky to have such loving humans .Your human mom will miss you dearly . Run free and happy at rainbow bridgeGranny ginny Tolland - October 3, 2019

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