Maggie Kleeschulte
11/28/2005 - 9/20/2019Our sweet baby Maggie crossed the rainbow bridge on September 20, 2019. She was the tiny 5 pound center of our family for over 13 years. She was our first baby and our son and daughter have never known life without her. Although she loved us all, her Dad was “her person”; which is especially funny because I had to talk him into getting a dog all those years ago. From sitting outside his shower to following him around the house, she never left his side.
Maggie had a special relationship with everyone in our family. She loved to cuddle with our son, and loved when our daughter took her for walks in her stroller.
We all loved her fiercely and miss her terribly. We take comfort in knowing we gave her the best life possible and she was spoiled by the whole family, even her grandparents who were always happy to doggie-sit if we had to go out of town. Her 14th birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, which is appropriate because we are so very thankful she was ours.
Maggie, thank you for being the best dog we ever could have imagined. You will be in our hearts forever! xoxo
Amy KleeschulteSt. Charles, MissouriOctober 5, 2019
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We miss you so much Maggie! You will always be our our #1 pet.Adrian Kleeschulte - October 8, 2019
So sorry for your and your family obviously loved Maggie. We also lost our beautiful girl Coco yesterday and your message resonated with me because our Coco was just as spoilt and loved...I feel so empty without her because she was my soul mate and followed me everywhere. When I was out of sight, she came looking for me in every room <3 <3. I miss her so much.
But your point about being so very thankful that she was yours rings true for me too - I'm so grateful that Coco was ours too....thank you for sharing that!
God bless you and your family and comfort you all in this time of loss
Warm regards
Paula Politis - October 6, 2019
Maggie left paw-prints forever on our hearts! She was a loyal companion and protected us with her five pounds of furry love! She would find her perch on the back of our couch and we knew what to expect. Acting as our defender from ducks, squirrels, and rabbits, she guarded our home. One of our favorite memories of Maggie is how much she loved to play with her frisbee! She wore grandpa and grandma out! After we threw the frisbee to her, she would trick us and lay down daring us to go get it! Then, she would race us to the frisbee (she always got there first) and we would have to chase her to get it back! So much energy and love in our adorable grand-dog!

Now, Maggie is our Guardian Angel! We know she will be waiting for us at Heaven’s door! No worries Maggie, we will bring your frisbee! Love you forever!
Sylvia LaFave - October 6, 2019
Lighting a candle for my sweet girl.
Love you forever, Maggie!
Amy Kleeschulte - October 5, 2019

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