Shadow Rossi Girl Blevins
5/15/2003 - 9/30/2019Shadow, Our lives are so empty without you. The house has a different feel to it. The sound of your purring is forever on our minds and in our hearts. There will NEVER be another cat like you. Your gentle temperment, the way you jumped on our backs and kneading our laps like a loaf of bread til you got comfy enough to settle on them. The way you marched us to your food bowl every morning and evening. Your unraveling of the toilet paper roll so neatly into the toilet when we forgot to put the seat down. The way Brianna called you and you ran to her, at times you acted more like a dog than a cat. We miss you waiting for us and talking to us as we open the door after our day at work. We didn't own you, you owned us...especially our hearts. Miss you kitters,
Love, Brianna, Barb and Chris
Barbara BlevinsBensalem, PennsylvaniaOctober 14, 2019
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