11/11/2015 - 10/16/2019We miss you Deucey-Doo. The tears have come every day since we set you off on your next journey to Paradise. We will meet you there one day. Give Tabor our love.Kim AskewMonetta, South CarolinaOctober 20, 2019
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We miss our sweet boy everyday! We will love you guys through it ❤️ #Deucewas#1inmybookApril Koon - October 22, 2019
So sorry for your loss. I know he meant so much to y’all.Janet Whaley - October 22, 2019
Thank you for your kind words--it was such an honor to help you give your beloved Deucey the gentle and loving sendoff that your sweet boy so deserved. He was precious, and stole my heart within the first moments of meeting him--what a love! I don't often cry when I set babies free, but the sheer ruthlessness of cancer and unfairness that Deuce couldn't stay just got to me. As awful and sad as it was to see him go, I feel so blessed that I was the one chosen to help you guide Deucey to his next adventure in Paradise. He can now enjoy a good blow-drying whenever he wants and eat whatever he wants without consequence...HUGS!Sunday Cozzi - October 21, 2019

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