Jack E-bear Roberson
5/30/2003 - 10/20/2019Jack, there are no words to express how much I miss you or how heartbroken I am. Since your passing, I struggle with every breath. You comforted me during my panic attacks, you guarded me when I needed protecting, you loved me unconditionally as I loved (and still love) you. The paw print you left on my heart will never be filled. I will miss and love you forever. Until we are together again, I will love and miss you with every breath.Amanda RobersonJacksonville, FloridaOctober 22, 2019
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I miss you, my love. You are never far from my thoughts.

Amanda Roberson - March 10, 2021
Hi Jacky baby,

I miss and love you with every fiber of my being.
Amanda Roberson - December 13, 2020
Thinking of you, baby. I love you Jackie Woo Woo.Amanda Roberson - December 9, 2020

I don't have the strength to type up her obituary today, but our sweet Abby left us today to reunite with you. Both of you were my babies, my angels. I never knew a heart could feel so much pain. The thought of you both being together again is the only thing keeping my heart from being completely shattered. I still miss you so much every day and now to lose her too, it's so hard. Words cannot describe the love I have for each of you and it cannot describe the intense pain I am feeling now. I miss you both immensely. I love you both whole heartedly. I know you are both without pain now and that you are both young, vibrant and strong. One day, we will all be back together. Until that time, take care of one another. I love you both.
Amanda Roberson - September 23, 2020
Jack, it’s been almost a year since you left us. We’ve all missed you. Abby has missed you. Abby hasn’t been doing well. Recently, she’s been suffering. On Wednesday she’ll be leaving us and coming to see you. She’s going to be so happy to see you. There’s a part of me that will miss her so much, just like I miss you. There’s another part of me that will be comforted to know you two are together again. It’s hard to imagine the two you as anything other than together. You two take care of each other the way you alway did. Show her the ropes. Show her where the turtles are. You two have fun until we see you again. We love and miss you - ClaytonClayton Roberson - September 22, 2020
My sweet Jack,

Every day is still a struggle without you. I know there are people out there who do not believe that animals and humans can have this deep of a bond, but I know those people are wrong. I knew by looking at you when you weren't feeling well and I know you felt the same because when I was upset, you sat at my feet nudging me/comforting me. I also knew when you were happy and vice versa. When Ethan and Adam were babies and would cry, I instinctively knew if they were crying for food, to be held, or to let me know they weren't feeling well. And with you, I knew your different barks. I knew by what you were wanting or needed. I miss you so much, baby, and I love when I dream of you because I get to hold you again. Your wife, Abby, is at my side now and I know she misses you too. She has looked and acted sad and lonely since your passing. She looks for you, baby. I tell her all the time how much we love her too and that we will all be together again one day. You are always with us, Jackie.


Amanda Roberson - March 26, 2020

Hey there, my sweet pup. I know I haven't written in awhile but in my heart, I know you hear my daily "I love you" and "I miss you" conversations. You are near far away from my thoughts. I love you Jackie Woo Woo.

Amanda Roberson - January 30, 2020

It's Christmas Eve and all I want for Christmas is YOU! I miss you baby. I pray that you can understand my thoughts and feelings from where you are. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of or miss you. I know Abby misses you too. She hasn't been the same without you and she has us all concerned. You were and are still very much loved my little Jackie Woo. I miss everything about you. No matter what kind of day I was having, you were always there and never judged me. You loved me unconditionally as I loved and still love you. I wish you were here. I hope you feel that from where you are. I love you, I love you, I love you!
Amanda Roberson - December 25, 2019

I still miss you so much, baby. Christmas will not be the same without you. My heart shatters to pieces all over again whenever I think of Christmas morning without my Jack E-Bear. You are forever in my thoughts...

Amanda Roberson - December 11, 2019

its near Christmas so I just wanted to say that I hope you have a merry Christmas and we miss you.🎁🎅🎄⛄
Ethan Roberson - December 9, 2019

There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and long for you to be by my side. I miss you. I love you. I pray every night that God will bless me with a dream of you. I love you. I cannot say that enough. Sending so many kisses, hugs and love to you!

Amanda Roberson - December 5, 2019

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I am reminded of the time when you were just a little pup and after leaving dinner at my Mom's house, I had to make a quick stop at the store. The foiled wrapped plate of leftovers wasn't on my mind but when I came put of the store, I got the most hilarious surprise.... you had ripped into the foil and was standing in the middle of the mashed potatoes chowing down on the leftover turkey and ham. When I picked you up, I saw that the mashed potatoes had your paw prints in them!! Lol!! You gave me so many smiles and laughs during our years together, baby. I miss you so much. My heart just aches. Instead of Thanksgiving leftovers, I hope you get a full course meal at the Rainbow Bridge. Loving and missing you always.

Love, Mom
Amanda Roberson - November 28, 2019
You no longer greet me as I walk through the door.
You're not there to make me smile,
To make me laugh anymore.
Life is quiet without you.
You were far more than a pet.
You were a family member, a friend, a loving soul I'll never forget.
I still listen for you and miss you everyday.
You were such a great companion...constant, loyal and true.
My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you.

I love and miss you,
Amanda Roberson - November 21, 2019
Thinking of and missing you, Jack E-bear.
All my love,
Amanda Roberson - November 12, 2019
I'm lying in bed right now crying because I miss and love you so much. The other day, I found a video of us playing with your stuffed animals. You always had to gut them and get the squeaker out, lol. You looked so healthy and strong. It made me cry and smile. I like the thought of knowing that you are back to the strong, healthy and playful guy you always were. I will always love and miss you. Rest in peace, my darling. We will be reunited one day.
Amanda Roberson - November 7, 2019
Missing you, Jackie.Amanda Roberson - November 4, 2019
Dear Amanda , Beverly told me of Jacks passing. I know he was a big part of you're family & You . It's very hard to loose someone, whether it's s person or animal. I know Jack comforted you thru many trying times. But, it has helped me to try to remember the good times and focus on that. Because after all Jack would not want you to be Sad over his loss but to remember all of the good times he brought to you and you're family ! I Love You All and will keep you in my Prayers ! Love aunt Pat Always !Patricia Tomlinson - November 3, 2019
My beautiful Jack,
I received your urn and ashes today and upon seeing the urn, my heart (which has still not recovered from losing you) shattered even more. I can't explain how much you meant and still mean to me. I miss you, I love you, I want you back at home in my arms. I keep reminding myself that the cancer was beginning to make you suffer and that you are at Rainbow Bridge and completely restored to good health, but I can't help wanting you back with me. It's so hard not having you here with me. We were always together. I could read your emotions just as you could read mine. I'm struggling but I try to take comfort knowing that you are waiting for me at the bridge and that you are enjoying your time there while awaiting my arrival. Since you can't be with me right now, I pray you come to me in my dreams. I love you, Woo.
Amanda Roberson - November 2, 2019
Jack you will be missed, love you guys and thinking of y’all!Jillian Michel - October 31, 2019
Happy Halloween, my sweet Jack! I'll miss you barking at all the trick or treaters. 👻🎃Amanda Roberson - October 31, 2019
Rest in peace sweet Jack. I am so glad I was able to meet you. I know you are happily chasing squirrels across the Rainbow Bridge and watching over your family until you are reunited again. 💜Kali Jimenez - October 30, 2019
We love you and miss you and it will not be the same at Aunt Amanda's house without you.
Love, Toni
Toni Lucas - October 30, 2019

I light this candle with a very sad heart for the loss of my grand dog Jack E-bear. You left us with so many special memories. One of the memories that stands out the most is the day that Amanda and Clayton left you with me and Papa to pick up another puppy. When they returned, you were so mad that you would not go to Amanda or Clayton but you soon got over it and from that day on, you and Abby were always together. Another memory is the day when you all came over for dinner and we walked next door and upon returning home, we saw you in the window with your head stuck in the blinds that you had broken because you were mad that we didn't take you with us. You quickly forgave us for leaving you and returned to the sweet and loving Jack we knew so well. We love you very much, Jack. We will always remember our stories about you and all of the memories we have of you will never be forgotten.

Love you forever and always,
Beverly Lucas - October 30, 2019

Last night, while I was in bed, I could have sworn I heard your nails walking across the hardwood in the den. I still miss you so much, baby. You were so loved and you always will be. You will never leave my heart or thoughts. You are absolutely irreplaceable. I know Abby (your mate) feels the same.

Loving you always,
Amanda Roberson - October 30, 2019
Jack it was a pleasure to know you for 12 or so years! You were always protective of your family and a good boy. You brought happiness to everyone who was around you. We miss you and have some rejoice that you are in doggie heaven where you can run, play, bark, and even watch Animal Planet like you loved to do!Jason Tison - October 29, 2019

Baby, I still miss you so much! I know Abby does too. She walks around the house looking for you. Every time I hold, pet, love on and look at her, it reminds me of when I did the same to you. I love you my angel. I want you home with us. I'm struggling without you. You always looked after/protected us. In my heart, I know you still are but I just miss you with an intensity that isn't fading. I love you, Jackie. You are ALWAYS in my thoughts.

Love, Mom
Amanda Roberson - October 29, 2019
Jack, it’s been a week since we’ve seen you. We miss you more than ever. Going through and seeing old photos of you has brought back so many happy memories. Several people have called to share their stories about you and those stories also brought back so many more happy memories for me. You made people smile. You made us smile for over 16 years. Your memory will be treasured. We miss and love you.Clayton Roberson, III - October 28, 2019
Loving and missing you, Jack. Our paws and love are forever entwined.
Love Your Mate,
Abby Roberson - October 26, 2019
Jack...my angel...

I was introduced to the poem "Rainbow Bridge" today. It is a beautiful poem and I know you are waiting there with renewed energy and health. Enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you at the Rainbow Bridge, my darling. We will meet there one day and it will truly be a joyous, beautiful reunion. I miss you every day my little "Wrong Way Woo".

Thinking of and loving you always,
AMANDA ROBERSON - October 26, 2019
Prayers, love, kisses and hugs to you all! May Jack Rest In Peace <3Lauren DAries - October 25, 2019
So many memories with you Jack! You were by far my favorite dog to aggravate! And No matter how much I would pick and poke you would still come running when I came in! =) I’m sad that you’re gone but glad you are No longer in any pain! It won’t be the same without you. Rest easy Jack E Bear!Melissa Brown - October 25, 2019
Dear Jack,

Every time Abby snores and every ping of her nails hitting the floor, I think of you. Since you left us, the house feels empty. We miss you, Jack, and I hope that you are having a fun, painless, and nice life up in Heaven.
Ethan Roberson - October 25, 2019

I am thinking of and missing you so much right now. Your mate, Abby, is lying beside me looking up at me. I know she is thinking of and missing you too. Like me, she is expecting you to prance out of one of the rooms or from around a corner. We miss you so much, my angel. I even miss your stank breath. I used to hate how you would yawn on or near me. It would smell so horrible but now, I'd do anything to have your smelly little self here. Thinking of you always...
Amanda Roberson - October 25, 2019
My darling Jack.

It's almost midnight and I can't sleep because my thoughts are consumed by you. I miss you lying next to my side of the bed. I miss you begging me to let you up on our bed, lol. I never knew it was possible to feel this crushed. My little Jackie Woo Woo. I wish you were back home with us. I love you. Good night my angel. I pray I dream of you.
AMANDA ROBERSON - October 24, 2019
Jack, I will always remember your bravery and how you showed your love for each family member. It was also clear that you loved Abby! We will all miss you 🥰Ricki Roberson - October 24, 2019
I might of spent a lot of time with you and you felt like a special part of the family to me and you held it all together. Jack, we miss you a lot. Jack, I wish you were still here.
Ethan Roberson - October 23, 2019
Thank you for always bringing comfort and security to your family, Jack! You were an amazing pupper and will be missed so much! Your out of pain running freely now!!Tabby G - October 23, 2019
What a sweet Baby!!Tiffany Langley - October 23, 2019
We love and miss you Jack, you will forever hold a place in our hearts.Kyle Kirby - October 23, 2019
Jack, you lived a long peaceful life and you will be missed by many. I remember when you were an energetic puppy, the only way to get you to calm down was to put you in a dog Halloween costume. Sorry about that. You were a great dog and addition to the family, you were around to witness the growth of your family. I hope you and Chopper are playing games right now. Rest In Peace buddy.
Love, Greg
Greg Roberson - October 23, 2019
You were a vital part of a special family. You provided love, comfort, protection, warmth, companionship, fun and laughs for many special years to all of your family and more There is a big void in your absence You were loved by all and are truly missed You will never be forgotten!
Clayton Roberson Jr - October 23, 2019
Missing you every day...AMANDA ROBERSON - October 23, 2019
Jack you were a great dog. I will forever remember you and abby’s paw taps on the floor along with all the barks to anything that moved. You protected and loved us through this and thin. Rest up jack.Garrett Roberson - October 23, 2019
We’ll always love and miss you Jack. Although the squirrels are rejoicing right now, we are so sad to see you leave us. You were part of our family and there there will always be a hole now that only you could fill. Can’t wait to see you again.Clayton Roberson, III - October 23, 2019

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