Adicus Thour Valentino
2/11/2019 - 10/29/2019One of the hardest things in life to do is to make the decision to help your best friend cross the rainbow bridge. Thour was a great dog and my buddy, the yappy little ankle biter to becoming the big guy, regardless how he was feeling I would always get that happy wiggle when I came home from school and work, even when it was coming to the end he would get up enough strength to wiggle and lick my face, his demeanor always changed to excitement when he saw me. Tonight we ended his suffering in peace and he’s now with our other babies. I love you bud until we meet again. 🌈 Valentino Gates

Our boy Thour passed peacefully this evening........our baby was loved unconditionally and spoiled The hardest thing is the goodbye πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸΆπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’™ Run free baby boy cross the 🌈 bridge run free with Angel and Halo. Thank you Dr Brad from Lap of Love πŸ’™. THANK YOU EVERYONE IT HAS BEEN THE HARDEST YEAR LET ALONE ANOTHER SAD DAY Veronica Valentino
Veronica ValentinoPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaNovember 1, 2019
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You will always be my first dog and my all times favorite bud, when i was home by myself me and you would lounge on the couch and watch tv, you would always speak for me every time I gave you a treat, you howled when I played the recorder. I remember you always sleeping with me in bed every night. You were a good friend and always there for me when things were rough. I love you bud, I hope i see you again, that waggly butt and face licksValentino Gates - November 4, 2019
Run and play with all the beautiful pups that have gone before you and if you get to know my Clancy Liem Thorton he is a white american bulldog who loves new friends Give him a lick from his MaMa...annamae Law whitehead - November 3, 2019
Missing my Boy Thour. Run free baby boy with Angel and Halo xoxoVeronica Valentino - November 2, 2019

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