The house is emptier without you.You aren’t there to greet me when I get home, staring at me through the window from the perch you judge the neighbors from.You aren’t there to meow at me in your sassy way until I fill your bowl and sit down for you jump into my lap.You aren’t there to watch TV with me as I unwind from work and tell you about my day. You aren’t there at 7pm sharp to remind me to give you your canned food. You aren’t there to lay on me when I go to bed - and again at 2am - demanding your quota of pets. You aren’t there to trip me up as I stagger down stairs to make coffee… and more importantly, fill your bowl. You aren’t there to sit on my laptop while I try to work from home. You aren’t there to cling to me when I get home from a trip like you never want me to leave again. You aren’t there to climb all over whatever shelf or piece of furniture I am putting together. You aren’t there for me to bombard my friends with photos of you. You aren’t there to give our home an air of regal dignity. You aren’t there for me to simply admire you and laugh at your antics. You aren’t there for me to hug when I have had a bad day. I no longer have to wash your bowls, clean out your litter boxes, or find where you are hiding after you’ve disappeared for the afternoon.

I know you were in pain and the time was right with every fiber of my being, but I loved you so much.

… and the house is emptier without you.

Until we meet again,

Alex ScottRochester, New YorkNovember 1, 2019
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