7/1/1999 - 10/4/2019My parent's moved to Florida back in the late 90's and my Mom adopted Cricket from an elderly couple. She was very spoiled, never really a "sweet" cat that you could hold and carry around - very self sufficient! During the last two years of Cricket's life we could tell she was slowing down, we always brought her to the Vet - they said she was fine, just getting old. The last month of her life my Mom knew something had dramatically changed but could not bring herself to put Cricket down. I had mentioned Lap of Love because I had heard only great things about them and I thought it would be a more humane way of saying goodbye in our home, rather than leaving her at the Vet's office. Right up until Dr. Loren knocked on the door my Mom was having second thoughts and she even wanted me to cancel. But Dr. Loren came in and went right over to Cricket and started to pet her and feel her and told us things that just by feeling Cricket's anatomy she could tell that her small intestines were thickened which explained why she was eating alot but throwing everything up - she was basically starving to death because no nutrients could get into her body. Dr. Loren spent over an hour and a half with us and she put my Mom at ease. My Mom finally knew she was doing the right thing. Dr. Loren was so knowledgeable and caring and she explained every step of the process. When she gave Cricket the first injection just to relax her I actually saw Cricket stretch out and relax for the first time in years. And when it was all over we knew we had done the right thing for our devoted furry friend. I would recommend Lap of Love and Dr. Loren to everyone and anyone who is thinking of putting their loved pet down. It was worth every cent. Thank you Dr. Loren and Thank You Lap of Love.Christine BaroneEast Lake, FloridaNovember 1, 2019
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