2/5/2005 - 11/1/2019Princess was 15 yrs old & over the last year she started to decline in regards to her mobility. Falls & stumbles increased & old arthritic joint became more painful even with twice daily pain meds. We decided it was time to make an end of life plan for her as we didn't want her days to be filled with pain & we knew she would try to hang on for us as long as there was breath in her body. She still had a light in her eyes but her old body was wearing out. Her last week was filled with extra loving & attention, lots of yummy treats! Full packs of Ham, large bowls of icecream, Five Guys Cheeseburger & multiple McDonalds cheeseburgers. On her final day she got a steak, a nice walk with her Daddy, chocolate for the 1st time in her life!! (it's poison to dogs but when you are getting ready to go meet Jesus it doesn't matter!). We fixed her a pound of bacon & gave her some before Dr. Abra arrived & then while the 1st injection was administered she enjoyed finishing off the bacon. Then she layed down, relaxing & went to sleep. She was actually snoring before she went into a deeper sleep. So from bacon to sleep with Mama & Daddy loving on was so peaceful. We are grateful for the Professionalism provided by Laps of Love & the gift we were able to give our Princess through them.Jenny RoofHendersonville, TennesseeNovember 3, 2019
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