2/1/2005 - 10/25/2019Best dog I've ever had. Super smart, TONS or personality. Photo is just days ago when he felt almost 100% before getting worse again. Looking out the window from the couch. That day we ate pizza for lunch. He was very excited, soon as I put it in the oven and closed the door he gave me a high five. Then did mini bounces. He was always so happy to see people, new or old and get pets and even better, treats!

Silver developed a lump weeks after we arrived in the Saint Louis area. Everyone said it was just a fatty lump and normal, test came back thinking it is but maybe it isn't. Lump grew to two inches in two months. The night it turned for the worst was a perfect night and day. I got him hyped up for his last walk of the day. He did his jump on jump off the couch with his front legs but didn't land on his feet but on his side, his lump. It exploded with in. We tried for a walk but soon after, the dog that had his scent gland explode, not give it a second thought, because he wanted to go for a walk...was in pain. I rushed him to the ER. They said he may not make it and must stay the night. I got no sleep but by 7 pm Sunday night, he was home in his bed. By Wednesday he was 100% and very happy. Wanted to walk up and down the steps him self. Jumping up onto the couch and bed for his naps. Thursday though was a different story. He started to not eat, Friday morning, he wouldn't except anything, no medicine for the pain, nothing. Friday when I got home from my half day, I knew it was time. I spent the whole week working from home with him, I was so thankful for this. By 3pm that day, the 25th of October. The doctor came to send him off. I made sure that he went out his way. Sitting up on the coffee table looking out the window. He was so happy and could see everything and the people walking by outside....

I'm going to miss this dog more then I should and it still won't be enough. He was amazing in every way. I'll miss you dooooode, my boy, Sliver..... My best friend, Silver.
Silver JohnsonSaint Peters, MissouriNovember 3, 2019
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He was a good dog and more than that. A companion and friend. Met him twice and was happy to have met him. Take the rainbow bridge buddy and say hi to my guys Harley, Skippy, Joey and Sparky for me. Have fun and play for eternity.

Good boy...
Jim Stillwagner - November 20, 2019

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