2/1/2007 - 11/1/2019Saying goodbye is the toughest day when you rescue a dog. There are no words, no script. You feel it deep in your gut and it hurts. Jake gave us 7 and half years. He was almost 13 years old. Great Danes only live 7-10 years. I think God blessed us. He gave us a Angel who wouldn’t have lived more than a year when we rescued him at 5 years old. Yet his love to us and our commitment to him survived. Time passes slowly then it happens quick. There will be no other dog like Jake. A frame in our house with his picture reads who rescued who. He was beloved across South Florida. Thankyou Lori DesRuisseaux for the phone call in January of 2012 saying we got a Dane, you want him? Thankyou to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast for bringing him out of harms way and shining a light on us to rescue him. Run wild with the angels and dogs in heaven and the treats they give you Jake. You deserve it. We were so blessed to be your parents. In the words of my sister. I think pets are like angels that God sends to us. They are heaven-sent and at some point they all have to go back to their heavenly home. He’ll always be with you.Jay CashmerePalm Beach Gardens, FloridaNovember 4, 2019
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May Jake RIP and run free over the rainbow 🌈 bridge. He will certainly be missed and was definitely loved by his family. I’ve had many pups cross over the rainbow bridge. Free of pain and suffering. My condolences to you and your family. 🙏🏻🌈🐾💙Kristine D - November 8, 2019
From our family to yours Jay. Lots of hugs and prayers at this time. What a wonderful gift he was to you and you to him. There’s no better love in this world . Thank you for sharing him with all of us. Even though we never met him he’s love shined through you. ❤️🙏Debbie McCubbin - November 7, 2019
So sorry to hear about this. They become one of the family whether human or animal. Friend of mine just lost two of her dogs the same day. I have four and I cannot think about. I know Jake had a wonderful family and had the best times of his life. I'm sure he's in the good place right now. He will be remembered with all the pictures that you had posted. Our prayers to you and the family and I thought go out to you guys.Jay Epstein - November 6, 2019
Jay and family,
Several months back I had to make that awful decision when you see them sick and suffering. My Pierpont had just turned 8yrs old. Heart disease. I brought him to the HSTC where I’ve been a volunteer now for over 2 years. They gave Mr. P an easy and painless passing. They were all very comforting to me. It was the most difficult adjustment I’ve had to make. And Emma, his sister, is lost without him. Never went to sleep in their crate again.
I know how you are all feeling and I just hope time will help. Sorry for your loss.
Thank you Jay for all of your support for the HSTC. It is an amazing organization.
Lou Cabibi - November 6, 2019
RIP Jake you were very much loved and will be very much missed😢🌈. Porter - November 6, 2019
Cashmere family-
I’m so very sorry for your loss. The loss of a pet, is so painful, as they become a member of the family over time. I always enjoyed seeing Jake’s pictures on Facebook. They always brought a smile to my face. He seemed to be very protective yet, so kind at the same time. When I had to put my dog Ellie down, my heart truly did break. I was lucky, God gave me 7 years with her, and I’m very thankful for that sweet time with her. If it makes you feel any better, Jake has now crossed over the rainbow bridge and is smiling down on you from heaven. My hearts and and prayers are with the whole family, at this difficult time, hang in there 😀😅🐶
Elizabeth Sanford - November 6, 2019
I never met Jake nor his owners. I am only a social media follower. I do know the pain and void of losing a fur baby & member of the family. I miss my Diamonds, my beloved cat. It is going on three years. I made a shadow box with her collar, her favorite toy and pic. Maybe as time goes by your family may have a memorable item for Jake. Blessings.Isabel Coffiel - November 6, 2019
Always loved seeing pictures of Jake with the family especially with the kids. He always looked so loving. You all gave him a very loving home and life. I’m sure he’s watching over all of you. I hope you post pictures every so often. I feel like his was just part of this big family we have on Facebook and Instagram.. I’m sure going to miss him. He was loved by so many. Rest In Peace Jake. Forever in our hearts.Arlene Herman - November 6, 2019
There is no words to describe sadness when you loose your best friend .Jake was so lucky to have you and you were lucky to have Jake. You will be missed Jake 🐶❤🐶❤Magdalena Zatorska - November 6, 2019
Jay, Kelly and Kids

Jay I have followed you for years and I remember when you got Jake or when Jake got you :)

What a sweet ,sweet ,loyal, loving boy he was ....He loved you guys so, but He Knew
How Much You Loved him ....

May Jake rest in peace and may you all know that Jake could not have found a better
Dad,Mom,Brother and Sister in this whole wide world ..

So so sorry ..

Jane and Peter
Jane and Peter Alesi - November 6, 2019
Dear Jay and Kelly:

So sorry to hear about your loss of Jake.

Peter Cruise - November 6, 2019
We lived far from Jake, but our hearts were always close together. He always stayed close whenever we visited.
He will remain in our hearts forever.
Me’re and Pe’re
Louise Cashmere - November 5, 2019
Jake was a gentle giant with an old soul. He was deeply loved and will be dearly missed.
Anne-Marie Skansi
Anne-Marie Skansi - November 5, 2019
Jake was a truly remarkable boy. More human than dog. A heart warmer. I will never forget that amazing hug he gave me; such an affectionate boy. A true blessing. He will be remembered fondly.Dr. Kimberly Lapoflove - November 5, 2019
So glad Jake was able to find your family, it truly was meant to be for us to. Be able to connect him with you. And
a perfect family for Jake. All those years of love and affection you gave him and he gave your family. Jake is now running free over the rainbow bridge and he is smiling down on you and protecting you from up above. Thanks for giving him the life that every dog should have. Love to you and your family.
Lori Desruisseaux - November 5, 2019

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