Duchess Welch
12/14/2009 - 11/4/2019Duchess was my guardian, protector, shadow, and velcro pup. She took her job very seriously. She would escort me to bathroom at night and guard the door to make sure I was never kidnapped. She would jump in the truck and ride with me out to feed the horses and when we arrived home she would check every inch of the house to be sure all was safe. When her dad would fly out of town for work she never left my side and always made me feel safe. She slept in her own big comfy bed right beside mine and would check up on me throughout the night. When the team of vets and specialists told us she soon would not be able to walk, had only about 6 months left to live and there was nothing we could do about it, 6 months came and Duchess said, "not today! and 6 months from now isn't looking too likely either." With her own set of fancy wheels, laser therapy, and an amazing homeopathic nutritionist/vet helping her every step of the way, she was still running every day 1 year and 3 months later. She was our warrior and never gave up. We will love and miss her forever.Sheyane WelchOcala, FloridaNovember 6, 2019
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Dutch Dutch was my Beautiful grand pup!!! She did not have many in her circle but fortunately I was one of her favorite people!!! I was so blessed to know and enjoy her!!! I will miss her terribly. I’m grateful for the way she was laid to rest in the comfort of your own family and a gentle beautiful Doctor who made it it easier for her and her family! Thank you Amanda for your gentle and understanding way !!! We will so much miss our Dutch!Debra Vichot - November 7, 2019

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