2/14/1997 - 3/31/2014Tonight there is a hole in the Universe where a dog named Torin used to live. She was from Alaska, born and misbred, as dogs there are often wont to be. A mix of husky and beagle, she looked to be a very large beagle. Tri-color, hound ears, white tipped tail and all. Her greatest talent was the ability to climb a chain link fence. Yes, paw over paw, up and over she'd go. We put in a board fence, but she figured out how to push one side of the gate with her hip to get her head through and she was off on her adventures. She loved snow and playing in snow, so I'm glad we finally had some good snows this past winter. I know it was one thing she missed what with not living in Alaska anymore. She loved to run, oh how she loved to run. Her favorite playmate, when she was 9 & 10 years old, was an Australian Shepard pup of 1 year. She'd run circles around him and leave him panting in the grass whilst she kept on running. If there was one thing she loved more than running, it was digging. She dug tunnels, bunkers, trenches and pitfalls throughout all of our backyards over the years. We used to joke she was a reincarnated sapper from some war or other, though she was one of the sweetest tempered dogs I've ever known. Perhaps that is why the hole she left in our lives is larger than she ever was.P. Arianna Norris-LandryBelleville, IllinoisApril 1, 2014
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To all of Torin's extended family... I know that you are missing her right now! What an amazing girl she was <3 But when you miss her, remind yourself of the beautiful send-off you gave your girl - a whole house full of her best human and animal friends, all there to pamper her with love and snuggles <3 You gave Torin the best doggy-life she could ask for, and I hope the memories are a comfort to you. It was my honor to be with all of you as she earned her angel wings <3Dr. Dawnetta Woodruff - April 2, 2014

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