1/1/2002 - 11/7/2019I said goodbye to my precious Mary last week. She was my faithful friend for over 10 years standing by me through many adventures and helping me raise two new puppies. Mary was always up for some fun and over the years tried her hand at sheep herding, hunting, puppy raising and loved running on the beach or hanging out on the couch and her very favorite thing was giving kisses. When she was younger she loved to howl and delighted many people with her howling. The last year she was content to stay home and get cuddled and petted. She went peacefully at home and is terribly missed by me and her little brother, Prinz.Treycie / Terry WHITEOregon City, OregonNovember 12, 2019
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What a well loved pup! It was an honor to help her.Lori Braun - November 22, 2019
Mary was so easy to love!! She freely gave her love in wet kisses & loving gazes, wanting only to be loved back!! It was especially fun to her Mary to howl for us; it didn’t take much encouragement, to set her earnestly howling with all her heart: I love you”!! She accepted me into the “ pack”, almost immediately!! She was so intelligent, & didn’t miss a thing, always up for fun!! It was such joy to watch her & Prinz, her younger sibling, rough house around Terry’s living room!! They played with reckless abandon!! I miss my Friend so much, & will always cherish my time with her, in memories tenderly etched in Time.... she was a sweet, faithful Friend to us all, & loved her Home on Black Dog Ranch, where she could enjoy Nature, & be free!!! Rest In Peace, my Friend!! Love , SheilaSheila White - November 21, 2019
Mary was always one of the brighter candles for me. She accepted me from the beginning, always radiating love and a desire to interact. She blessed our lives for so many years..........Roger White - November 17, 2019
So sorry for your loss Treycie. She was a very special dog, and I'm so glad she was able to add so much joy to your life.Debbie Smith - November 16, 2019
I didn't get a chance to meet Mary, but I heard a lot of wonderful stories about her. Treycie, you were so kind to share your family Christmas card with Mary and Prinz. What an AWESOME gift. The pic of Mary with the sunglass was hilarious! I know you have many more memories to share and I hope that keeps you smiling in the days to come.
Rest in peace Mary!
Lola Burns-Paige - November 14, 2019
I’ll always remember sweet Mary. It is hard to imagine not seeing her with my sister, Prinz and little Q. Memories of Mary are many; especially petting her and going on walks with her and her loving crew. Sending hugs and love. Rest In Peace Mary🐾🐾❤️Katrina Munro - November 14, 2019
I believe it was the summer of 2015 when we were lucky enough to get a wonderful new neighbor along with her family, Mary, and Prinz. In short order we were all friends, and the bond between Treycie, and her pups was obvious. I was even fortunate enough to be trusted with caring for Mary, and Prinz on several occasions when business took Treycie out of town. I loved my time with them, I would go over many times a day, and just hang with them. Mary was an old soul, she freely gave her love, and kisses. She was always very patient with Prinz, and I know she instilled in him her intellect, and goodness. Treycie gave Mary a wonderful life, and Mary was always willing to return the love. I celebrate her, I loved her, I am sad, and I will miss her. Thank you for sharing her neighbor.Debra Moll - November 14, 2019
So many great memories of hanging with you, drinking a glass of wine (or 2) and watching you teach Mary to howl “I love you”. She was a funny dog, we enjoyed many walks with Markie and Mary (sometimes she tolerated him).Susan Foley - November 14, 2019
I remember meeting Mary for the first time, a few years ago, at Treycie's place in Lake Oswego. I was so impressed with her. You could see she really loved Treycie and aimed to please. This last summer in July, Treycie and her 3 dogs went camping with us at Pacific Beach Washington. This was just a few days after our sweet Cleopatra passed. I had the pleasure of walking Mary on a hike at Lake Quinalt and on the beach. Even though she was older she really made the effort to keep up with everyone. And we slowed down a little for her too. What a sweet and special girl she was. I will always remember her that way and that she let me pet her a lot. Mary I'm sending you love, hugs and kisses. May you rest in peace. Love, AnnAnn Cramer - November 14, 2019
Mary you will be greatly missed... you were such such a sweet and loving girl... thank you for all of your affection!!!Mike Crahen - November 14, 2019

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