10/10/2011 - 11/12/2019Max was a loving, goofy, silly, playful pup. Although max was a good 120 pound German Shepard he thought he was an 8 pound lap dog. He had the personality he had as a puppy and I’m so greatful that never changed. When your day was bad, Max’s goofy personality without a doubt would make any problem or worry you had go away in the matter of moments. Weather he was playing with lacrosse balls, picking up sticks barking at the neighbors dog or chasing squirrels maxi boy loved to be outside. He was so fast! Like the rest of the family, Max’s main sport was lacrosse. His bark was the deepest most scariest bark you’ll ever hear. In this case the phrase “your bark isn’t as big as your bite” kinda holds true to max in The sense that he was afraid of his own shadow, but he would never let you know that. There was only a select few people outside of my Mom dad Zachary Claudia and myself that max truly felt 100% comfortable with and if you were lucky enough to know max like we all did you know how much he was loved and want an amazing loyal loving baby boy he was. Thank you to all who have reached out during this hard time. It’s comforting to know how many people max had an impact on.Natasha WolfeMt.sinai, New YorkNovember 14, 2019
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What a warm and touching message. Max was so fortunate to have a loving family to care for him. He was a very special pet and all the Wolfe’s brought out the best in Max. I am not sure another family could have done this. He had a very happy safe life with you all.Aunt Candace Roscoe - November 14, 2019

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