2/1/2004 - 11/1/2019My sweet Boog...you are loved more than you could ever know and missed so dearly. I will forever cherish the memories we shared, you took a piece of my heart with you when you left. When you were diagnosed with kidney failure and given only weeks to a month to live, I was devastated. I am so thankful I got an extra 7 months with you. When I took you in for the checkup and was blindsided by the news that you had an abdominal mass that was highly suspected to be cancer, it broke me. I still question whether there was something, anything I could have done. I just love you so much and life feels so empty without you. Making the decision to have you peacefully euthanized is the hardest thing I have ever been through but having someone come to our home where you feel safe and comfortable was the only way I could live with letting you go. I hope you weren't too scared and knew that I loved you and that's why I had to say goodbye. I hope you are reunited with Gemini and that we will see each other again someday. I will forever love you, Boogie.Heather PhelpsLake Stevens, WashingtonNovember 17, 2019
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I love you and miss you Boog....Rest in Peace baby boy..Heather Phelps - November 17, 2019

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