Bugz Bailey
11/20/2004 - 11/20/2019Bugz Bailey was the toughest little cookie of cutie - the perfect teddy bear Cairn Terrier, with the most adorable big brown eyes and somehow pointy yet floppy ears . She was my angel, but she certainly knew her way into mischief... always knowing she could love her way out of absolutely anything AND being strong enough to out-power the challenges of ANYTHING situation she got herself into. Her first conquest as a brand new pup when she got home was to chug down Mommy's cup of Bailey's on the Rocks that was on top of the dining room table. She was only maybe 8 inches tall at the time and only a few months old, yet somehow she maneuvered her way onto a box, then onto the TV stand, onto a chair, and SOMEHOW onto the table where she fully enjoyed her first namesake drink. You'd think Mom would have learned... but then at her first Easter, still tiny Bailey knocked over a HUGE and full kitchen trashcan so that she could devour the tossed leftover homemade bread dough which gave her such a bellyache that she had to be rushed to the emergency room where it was discovered that the yeast had fermented!!! That day she got both drunk and opened her first CareCreditCard. Overachiever! She surprised everyone one day by chowing down on a box of white tea packets -how was that any good I'll never understand, and in her latest endeavor only last year, she opened Daddy's suitcase and found a plastic box of 420 chewies and ate all of them... THAT HAD US TERRIFIED and left us in obvious guilt and mortification - but she pulled through after the scariest trip... she definitely visited another planet during that experience! She always knew how to get anything she wanted in life - whether it was given to her, or she took it... (like alllll those expensive yoga pants, and jeans, and panties, phone chargers, computer cables, and soooo many high heels$!$!$! lol) Luckily, that determination also got her UNLIMITED love from: her Grandmie and Grandpie who cared for her and never cared how long she stayed, everyone who met her including her special roommate mom Alex, a flurry of daddy-wannabes from before Mommy figured her Sh*T out and picked the best one of all - her forever Daddy Justin, a couple furr brothers and sisters who at least tolerated the favoritism she got, and of course, me - her forever Mama. She was my best friend, the best 24/7 co-worker, best snuggler, and best potty-wherever-award-winner in the world. She loved all snacks and treats but especially 'Daddy Soup', goldfish crackers, and popsicles. She proved to all of us how tough she really was by pushing through arthritis, pancreatitis, and kidney failure so that she could retire at the Lake House long after we thought she might call it quits - where she learned to kayak and paddle board, and became the most beautiful and perfect Dog of Honor flower girl in Mom & Dad's home wedding. --- I will love you forever Bugzsy! You are forever my guardian angel and the love of my life! Enjoy a wonderful and well-deserved peaceful and pain-free heaven where you can eat anything in the world without a bellyache and costing mom a fortune lol. Try to be nice to the other furr babies even though I know you liked humans best, and say Hi to Morgan, and Rocky and Muffin - You will never be forgotten, never replaced, and always in my heart. - Love, Your human, your mama.ERIN ROSEDENVER, ColoradoNovember 22, 2019
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My darling daughter invited her mom to visit her when she was in Boston attending Berklee College of Music. She lived in a small apartment and much to my surprise, shared it with a furry little bundle called Bailey. The room was barely big enough for Erin (and all her important possessions!), so it was a challenge when Grammie came. Bailey was a little puppy and not entirely potty-trained, but Erin was completely taken with this little "girl" and concessions were made. Bailey has since won everyone's heart. She definitely did not consider herself a mere "dog". Every encounter with that "sub-species" of mongrels brought on a wrath of fury, barking and charging, letting them know that SHE was the king-pin. Grammie and Gramps gave up on walks. In the end she enjoyed her time with us most, sharing samples of Grammie's cooking, watching our favorite TV programs and sharing a fresh apple. Those were special moments.
My darling daughter certainly had her challenges with Bailey and I'm so proud that she hung in there, never gave up on her. I think that says a lot about her ability to follow through with a commitment. Right to the end she made Bailey's transition a beautiful passing. I'm proud of her. Bailey taught all of us something - patience, tolerance, what it means to care and love another. Miss you Miss Bailey. Mary Baggott (Grammie).
Mary Baggott - December 3, 2019

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