8/4/2003 - 11/21/2019Stabby:
* always snored.
* would not look at herself in the mirror.
* was not athletic.
* would fetch things, but lost interest when I got a laser light.
* liked to put her face right up to yours, even if she didn’t know you.
* had no vanity. Beautiful yes, but she didn’t value it.
* wasn't the type to put up with anyone's bullshit.
* willingly forgave any accidental assault as long as you verbalized "I'm sorry."
* was not shy and was fascinated with strangers.
* liked to have her nose rubbed so hard and often it left a bald spot.
* pooped beside the litter box 30% of the time.
* did not like any other animals.
* always wanted to be petted, but was generally disappointed others' techniques.
* preferred to sleep in the little spoon position.
* put her ears back whenever she heard a ringing phone because she had often lost her lap seat to it in the past.
* wouldn't sit on my lap unless I was wearing pants -- not shorts, pants.
* groomed my hair with her tongue, which always progressed to chewing at my scalp.
* always waited on a bench beside the tub when I showered.
* would lie on her back in front of the door if I was preparing to leave.
* was adorable.
Eric ThompsonColumbus, OhioNovember 25, 2019
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Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments! Stabby will always and ever shall be your friend and live on in these amazing moments.Justin Stalter - December 5, 2019
Rest in peace Stabby! Your beautiful soul lives on in our hearts.Alisha Alexander-Bolton - December 5, 2019
I'm so sorry about the loss of Stabby. What a beauty who will be remembered with love.Your Work Wife - December 5, 2019
Dear Stabby,

You had quite the life! I'm so glad your dad rescued you all those years ago, and loved and appreciated you just as you were. It was my honor meeting you in your final moments, and helping you to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Sending much love to your dad and all those who loved you.
~Dr. Jennifer
Jennifer Bell - December 3, 2019
Awww...this was really special! What a wonderful way to capture who Stabby was and what she meant to you. Sending hugs for you.Beverly Thomas - December 3, 2019
What a wonderful tribute. I relate to everything you wrote. I can almost visualize her in motion. She sounds great. She was obviously a treasured member of your family. The pain must be overwhelming. It was for me. It helps to know there are other gonzo cat lovers out there.

My deepest sympathy,
Nancy Reynolds - November 26, 2019
Aww... sweet Stabby, RIP! You made Eric a better Pet dad for your existence.Koren Woodbury - November 26, 2019
I am so so so sorry. I know what she meant to you. My heart aches for you. Hugs!
Anna Schofield - November 26, 2019

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