11/7/2004 - 11/25/2019Today is the second day I woke without the sound of your paws coming down the hall. Today is the second day I woke without your fuzzy face to kiss good morning. My heart breaks and I miss you so much. You’re passing was peaceful and for that I am grateful, and I know that you are with God and are okay now. But I am left behind without you, and I have no peace, no comfort. I try to remember the 14 yrs of joy and happiness and not the last few months of slowly losing you. But it’s very hard. I’m very angry right now for having you taken from me prematurely. I’m angry that my baby didn’t get to live a healthy life to 16 or 17. I feel cheated and that you were taken from me way too soon. I want you back. I want to turn the clock back and have you bouncing in my life once again. I envy those who have had a visit. I felt you with me the night of your passing, but I feel nothing but a void now. You always were very independent! But you’re mommy who loved and treasured you so could really use a little kiss right now. Thru my tears and heartache, I would never trade our time and days together. You were and still are a blessing. I just wish you were still here with me. I wish I still had your body to hug, your paws to wipe, your fuzzy face to kiss, your moustache to trim. I just want you back.Becky SaboHouston, TexasNovember 27, 2019
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I miss you so much. And I always will.Becky Sabo - November 30, 2019
Sabo Family,

It was an honor to be with you all during Baxter's final moments. It was so clear what a spunky and well-loved boy he was, and how dearly he will be missed. I hope that in time the good memories you shared will bring you comfort, and in knowing he is at peace.
Leanne Mathew - November 29, 2019
Our hearts are breaking for you.Melissa Sabo - November 28, 2019
Your Mommy and Daddy and all your fuzzy brothers and sisters miss you buddy. You fought as hard as you could for yourself and us and we are so proud of your strength. Save a space on the couch for me.

Love you forever,
Keith Sabo - November 28, 2019

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