Bear Brave
4/9/2010 - 12/1/2019Bear, Babaganoosh, Poncho, Samuel L. Whitwiki, Bernie, Little boy, Bruno, Barry, Gus, Bubba, those are only some of your ridiculous nicknames. People used to say, you shouldn’t use different names because it confuses your dog, but what they don’t know is your not just a dog, you’re one of us. I would argue you are smarter than most of us. You knew exactly what to do if we were upset or if we were angry and you even knew how to turn bad days into good days. You taught us what was important. That spending quality time with loved ones and pigging out once in awhile made for a pretty darn good life. You lived the best life, always in the moment and always loving us unconditionally. You never complained, even in these final days you were trying to console us by licking our tears and snuggling up with your big, heavy head. Not a day will go by where we will not miss you. Not a day will go by we don’t think about you and those big brown eyes and little brown eyebrows. You have imprinted our hearts with your brave spirit and although we will go on without you physically here, your spirit will guide us through life’s journey and we will never forget you. Mom always says Dog is God spelled backwards. I never really believed that a dog could be so pure as God until you came into our lives. You are and will be the best teacher we have ever had. The greatest lesson you taught us is “it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matter. Until we meet again, we love you and will miss you more than we can express into words.

I want to personally thank you for loving my brother more than he loves himself. For lifting him in his darkest moments and for being the best friend he could ever ask for. You were with him through the good and bad. I know you kept him alive when he didn’t want to live. Watching you care for him, love him and dedicate your life to making him feel your love is something I’m grateful to have been able to see and something I’ll never forget. You left an indelible mark on my heart. I love you.
April MarslandJupiter, FloridaDecember 1, 2019
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April - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Dogs truly are our best friends and stay by our sides during the good times and bad times, and always find a way to comfort us, cheer us up, make us laugh and stop the tears. I am sorry for your pain. He was well loved and lived a wonderful life thanks to you, your brother and your family! He is now in dog heaven as your guardian angel.Carly Williams - December 8, 2019
Bear you will always hold a special place in my heart. I always loved getting you so excited when I walked in even though everyone would tell me not to do that. I loved seeing you run up to me and wag your little nub. It was so cute. I remember before Mikey moved down here I helped take care of you. We would go on trail walks together and anytime I slept over April’s you would sleep in the guest bedroom with me. I’m going to miss seeing you and faith girl playing together. I loved when you let faith win in tug of war even though you could demolish her with your paw. My favorite story of you is when you protected her from another dog. Mikey tells it the best and voices that Faith girl said “thank you” in a high pitched voice and bear said “you’re welcome” in a deep voice. You are the most gentle loving dog. I’m so thankful that you came into my brothers life and changed it for the better. You brought so much joy and laughter to this family, you will never be forgotten. I love you beary and you’ll be missed. ❤️Melanie Lindsey - December 5, 2019
I can’t wait to be a grandma one day but in the meantime I had the privilege to be a grandma to you my grand-dog Bear. When you were just a puppy I would stop over while Mikey was working to let you out. You loved chewing on big bones and getting a dog treat. You were such a smart dog when I first moved here to Florida I would take you with me on my bike rides and you would run right beside me. When you were five years old I adopted Faith my 13 pound terrier Chihuahua mix. At first I was afraid you would hurt my little dog but you were gentle. You two became best buddies. We would take you on the trails for long walks. So many fond memories of you two hunting turtles and running freely. Mikey would ask me to bring Faith over for a play date. Mikey would tell you that we were coming over and you waited with anticipation. You and Faith were hilarious playing tug-of-war and monkey in the middle. Faith respected and loved you like a big brother. Faith will miss you so much. We will all miss you. Thank you Bear for always being there for Mikey you gave him unconditional love and Mikey gave you selfless never ending love. You fulfilled your purpose here on earth taking such good care of him thank you for being his best friend. You were a blessing to our family.Mimi Lindsey - December 4, 2019
Little Beary 🐻 It pains me to write this. I can’t believe you are gone. We miss you so much already. I remember the day Mikey brought you to our house. You were the cutest little cub with the biggest paws. I loved you immediately. When I first moved to Florida, you were my roommate. You would always hog the bed and growl when I tried to move you. You were a stubborn pup. Everyone in the neighborhood was afraid of you. They would cross the street when we were on our daily walks. I would always tell them “he’s friendly I swear, he’s just really vocal.” You always wanted to protect me. Whenever I was sad, you would sit with me and make me pet you. You hated when anyone was upset. I loved watching you at the beach. You loved to flip on your back and rub the sand all over you. It was the cutest. The holidays aren’t going to be the same without you. Christmas was your favorite holiday. You loved ripping open presents, being with family, and putting your little face inside your stocking. I’ll miss this the most. Thank you for unconditionally loving all of us, especially Mikey. We will miss you forever sweet boy ❤️Kelly Lindsey - December 4, 2019
Bear made everyone near him happier. I am really going to miss those expressive and kind little brown eyebrows and big brown eyes. He was a special part of our family, and I am really sad to see him go, but I am happy he is not in pain anymore and instead he is chasing turtles in heaven 💜💜 love you allRebecca Stanton - December 3, 2019
My Dear son and my big buddle of joy Bear. You will be missed so very much. The one thing life has taught me was that your dog is not only your best friend, he is part of the family and sometimes even better :) The thing we need to understand is that you brought us so much happiness and Love. We must remember that you would want us to be happy. The way you tried so hard to do everyday of your life. You gave us all your love and joy. I will never forget all the joy you brought to all those that knew you. You were a big dog that everyone would be scared of and yet you were just a teddy Bear once they knew you. You would get so excited when you heard my son say here's grandpa, You would walk up to my car and give me kisses. Then you had a job to get my mail. You would do your Rumba dance. Then once in the house you would not want to leave. You lighten up my days and nights. Baby sitting you was a pleasure since there is no one in my home to talk to but you and you would listen and turn your head like you really understood me. You would get me past the sad days and the hard ones with that puppy attiude you had. I know you will be in doggie heaven and will get the chance to find Buddy my loss best friend and yours. He will be so happy to see you again. I will love you and see you every day in the picture next to him and say they are running around and taken doggie heaven by surprise. I will see you soon. Love you Bear & Mike.David Marsland - December 3, 2019
My heart aches for you all because I know how hard it is losing a sweet wet nosed loved one. Cherish all the memories and never let go. Bear was so loved by family and friends! I will Continue to hold you all in my hearts and send all good vibes you’re way. Bear, you lived a great life my sweet boy, rest in doggie heaven and eat all the yummy food that you can enjoy. Big kisses:)

-Ash, Casey, Marley and Olley
Ash and Casey Mock - December 3, 2019
Bear... I don’t know where to start... You made me so happy everyday. My life will not be the same without you. Waking up every morning to see your furry little head looking at me would put a smile on my face instantly. I would tell you “good morning lil boy” and you would do your long puppy stretch. I would rub your belly and tell you “let’s get some Jub jub”. We had a routine that I had to follow. On the weekends I wanted to sleep in but you would not let me. You would stand in the door way and do your lil huffy puffy to wake me up. I would wake up and smile so so big. I am going to miss so many things about you. Know matter how bad my day was at work or anything. I would come home to see you standing at the door waiting for me. You would be so happy too see me and do your bucking bronco dance when I would walk in the door. You would go in my room and grab a sock and want me to chase you and take it.You made me have a purpose. You have know idea how much you have done for me. It is really hard writing this knowing I am not going to see you everyday. I can not express how much I love you. My heart hurts so bad it feels like it was ripped out of my chest. I miss you poncho and can’t wait to see you again.🐻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💔

Best friend I love you so so much..
Michael Marsland - December 3, 2019
My heart goes out to you and your family, April. Loves like this never die. May you meet again someday somewhere. May his memory and love carry you through the pain. Love, CarmenCarmen Morcos - December 2, 2019
Sending hugs and prayers to you all for your sweet Bear. Losing our furbabies is very painful! I’m hoping all the wonderful memories you made with him will bring you some comfort during this difficult time! I’ll always remember how sweet he was to Bella when she was a pup. We had such a fun walk that day too and Bella loved trying to keep up with him. Love you all!

Brittany, Chris, & the pups
Brittany Tallon-Hayward - December 2, 2019

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