4/15/2005 - 11/29/2019My beautiful girl, Maddie. You have been my best friend since day one and I have cherished every single day with you. You were always there to comfort me when I was sent to the time-out chair as a child, you supported me through all of my hardships in high school, you let me cry on your belly when I was upset, and you never failed to bring joy into my life. You were stubborn and independent, much like me, but it never got in the way of our relationship.

I will always remember the summers in Maine with you. Dad and Mom would bring out the suitcases and you would get panic stricken! You were always worried we would leave you in Maryland, so you would pace around the house and lay close to everyone to make sure you wouldn't be forgotten. Then you would happily jump into the trunk of the car for a 12 hour drive up to your favorite place: Mt. Vernon, Maine for the summer. You loved swimming, chasing squirrels, sunbathing on the dock of the lake house, and taking yourself on your own walks down the camp road. I hope you spend endless summers in Maine swimming in the lake.

I am beyond grateful that I was able to spend your last Thanksgiving with you, we all are. You imprinted your paw print into my heart and I will never forget you. I miss you so incredibly much, but I am at peace knowing that you aren't in pain anymore. You are free. We will meet again one day, but until then, thank you for being my absolute best friend. Thank you for showing me unconditional love, loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, and bringing an infinite amount of happiness into my life. I love you, Monkey, rest easy.
Kendall ZackerAnnapolis, MarylandDecember 3, 2019
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