Sammie Foxdog
7/29/2002 - 11/28/2019Our sweet Sammie passed away peacefully on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 2019 surrounded by family and all of his toys. He was 17 years old and had been a part of the Nambo family for over 16 years. He brought so much joy to everyone who knew and saw him. He had the sweetest face and the longest legs — he reminded our family of a fox, deer, lamb, and bear all morphed into one. He was the friendliest pup and always walked with a prance, constantly stopping people on the street to ask if they could pet him. 

He has been to 14 different states, taken a dip in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, flown on 2 airplanes, became a macaron icon, modeled for Warby P(B)arker, and was featured in a National Geographic kid's book about rescued pets. He loved to go on expeditions, meet new friends, and investigate all of the smells — anytime a new bag was brought into the house, his nose was in it. He loved to eat tasty foods, snuggle, give kisses and get back massages. He loved road trips and hikes (and riding in his special backpack carrier when he got tired). Earlier on, he really loved to run — especially in the snow and when it was cold out. But most of all he loved to spin and he kept on spinning up until he couldn't anymore...

Rest in peace sweet Sammie. You are loved and missed so very much.
Allie NamboAustin, TexasDecember 3, 2019
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What a lucky dog Sammie was to be surrounded by so much love. He sweet puppy face was so endearing and I know he will be missed greatly. I’m so glad you have so many happy memories with him to reflect on and hopefully bring you some comfort. ❤️Kimberly Carper - December 3, 2019

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