6/7/2006 - 12/2/2019My heart is broken my precious Angel, when I come home you aren't meowing for me to touch you because that is all you wanted, just my touch. Your sweet head bumps and the way you put your paw on my leg when we would sit on the couch was the best thing you could do, we were always touching ! I miss your little body next to me in my bed and the way you would wake me up by walking on my body and purring in my ear or my face, you were so adorable.
It will be a long long time before I get over the hurt of missing you, I recorded your purr and your sweet Angel talk when I knew you were getting sick, I will have that to help soothe me when I miss you.
I hope you find Scooter in heaven and you two become friends, there isn't any reason to be jealous of each other any more.
I love you my sweet little girl with all my heart, until will meet again !
Laurel HartleyLake Stevens, WashingtonDecember 5, 2019
Light a Candle

I light a candle for you my sweet Angel because I don't want you to think I will forget you ! You are still the love of my life, I miss you so much, I still cry for you and I think I will always will, bye for now Angel I love and miss you !!Laurel Hartley - September 4, 2020
My sweet Angel,
I will be here every month to honor you, I still have a missing piece of my heart since you have left the earth the pain is still there. I have 2 new kitties, you would like them. The little girl Bella loves to play on the bed when I am making it and does that low to the ground thing you would do, she is going to be a tiny kitty like you too !
I love you and miss you and I will be back next month,
Mom XO
Laurel Hartley - August 2, 2020
My sweet Angel I miss you so much there aren't enough words, my heart has a piece missing since you left me. I got 2 kittens last week hoping that a void that you left wouldn't feel so empty I was hoping Gizmo would cheer up he really misses you ! I named them Bella and Buddy. Bella is really cute and a total crazy cat. You loved kittens when I fostered.
I wanted to tell you that I think about you every day I love and miss you !
Laurel Hartley - July 1, 2020
It has been six months since you left my world and I still can't believe you are gone. I still cry all the time for you ! Gizmo is getting older and I wish you could still be here for him, he really misses you. He and Ming are not close at all so Gizmo has taken your place next to me. He follows me all over the house and he lays in your spot on the bed, he isn't you Angel ! I have never had a cat affect me like you did you are so special.
Here is another candle for you my sweet, I will be back every month to tell you how much I love, bye for now !
Laurel Hartley - June 2, 2020
Hello my sweet Angel,
Today is my birthday and I miss you still more than ever. You would be so happy if you were with me now, I have been home a lot because of a horrible illness around the world. I miss you not being in my lap or sleeping on my chest like you use to, you would be doing that alot now ! The one thing I do have to look forward to today is knowing that I will be able to see you someday again, I love you Angel, by for now !
Laurel Hartley - May 1, 2020
I still miss you my Angel, I look at your picture everyday !
I love you !
Laurel Hartley - April 6, 2020
I can't believe it has been 4 months my precious Angel I miss you so much ! I listen to the recording I made of you purring and making your cute Angel sounds. I hope that you will find my mom in heaven she loves cats and I know she would love you so much. Gizmo miss you he is kind of lost without you and Scooter ! I will see you again one day my sweet Angel !Laurel Hartley - March 3, 2020
It has been 2 months since you went over the Rainbow Bridge and I cry from missing you everyday !! I will come back here to light a candle for you my sweet Angel, I Love You !Laurel Hartley - February 8, 2020
Here is the first candle to remember you by Angel, I miss you so much !Laurel Hartley - December 6, 2019

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