11/12/2003 - 12/1/2019“Do you want to take her home?”

So began our nearly sixteen-year adventure with Pepper. She brought so much love, laughter, and unceasing joy for life to our home. She was the best of friends; a constant companion (especially on trips to the kitchen); and a courageous defender against squirrels, cats, and the occasional turtle. She stole our socks, slippers, and food if she could reach it, but we could never get angry when she looked at us with her big brown eyes and a cheeky grin. Pepper loved walks in the field, tugging and herding us along to get to the best scents and, perhaps, some discarded food. She also loved her “potty pals”: the elite stuffed animals and toys she ran out of the doggie door with each morning, and that consequently ended up in the washing machine each weekend.

Pepper was endlessly devoted to whoever she deemed “her people.” Friends, neighbors, the mailman, our wonderful dog walker Robin and her team—Pepper adored them all (especially when they came bearing treats). She indulged in pets and belly rubs from us, and she had the softest, prettiest fur. Folks from around the neighborhood would stop by to see and pet Pepper; she had a crew of admirers! We all worked to match the love she so effortlessly gave.

We are so lucky to have shared our lives with such a sweet, loving soul. She was meant to be part of our family, and we are so grateful that the stars aligned and allowed us to have so many wonderful years together. No amount of time would ever have been enough with our little Pepper.
Stephanie and Sylvia BastaniWallingford, PennsylvaniaDecember 6, 2019
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Ah Pepper, I will miss your smiling face every day. You were the best of "my" pups. I looked forward to each and every visit. We had many adventures over the years. Seeing the wildlife in the area and checking out all the interesting smells. I expect you are enjoying your time at the Rainbow Bridge and making many more friends. I will look forward to the day when I will see you again.Robin Croce - December 7, 2019

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