George Girard
3/1/2002 - 12/3/2019I can't believe I really said goodbye to my sweet handsome boy and I know there will be grieving swings and processing to do - but right now, I'm feeling very grateful and blessed that George & I were given this incredible gift of over 17 years together. I think we were meant to be and I'm so happy that most of the time I really believe he was having so much fun. It was a beautiful adventure from day one - he had so much character and packed an enormous amount of toughness, graciousness and grit in his 15lb tiny body.
I love that we didn't have to transport George - he could be in my room, on my bed, on the blanket my niece made - surrounded by comforting smells and the love of my parents.
George was an important family member and his life was so valuable to us, but he was my life partner and his love changed everything. Thank you Georgie!
Jennifer GirardFort Worth, TexasDecember 8, 2019
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Sweet, sweet George! I love that in nearly all of his pictures he's posing on the fluffiest blankets and pillows. He was the perfect companion and friend and was so lucky to have you by his side for so many beautiful years. May he rest peacefully with sweet Gracie.Dr. Sarah - December 9, 2019

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