9/19/2004 - 12/3/2019My Dearest Hunter,
From the moment I saw you in the shelter, you stole my heart and I knew you were meant to be a special part of our family! You have been my constant and faithful companion for the past 10 years, never leaving my side. When Matthew went to Heaven, you were there through all of the tears giving doggy kisses and snuggles and providing a light in my life when the darkness was all around. You have taken a piece of my heart with you to the Rainbow Bridge and left a space that can never be filled until I see you again and we cross that bridge together. Until then my faithful companion, please know that I hold you and the memories of our adventures together in my heart! You are so very loved and greatly missed!
Christy MoserHartford, WisconsinDecember 8, 2019
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Dear Christy,
I am so sorry for the loss of your Hunter. Indeed, pet dogs can definitely become a member of a family, and it is truly difficult when their earthly time is up. Hunter couldn’t have been in a better family than with you, Rick, and Matthew. You showed this rescue dog what it is to be loved. 💕

Aunt Sue
Sue Morton - January 25, 2020
Christi and Rick,
Someone once told me you get the dog you need not the dog you want. This is so true. Its something in their eyes. It tells your heart that their the one and they already love you. So sorry their lives are so short..
Margie and Frank
FRANK KOHNEN - January 24, 2020
To my precious daughter, Christy, and to Rick,
Dogs have a way of working into one's heart with their unconditional affection; and Hunter certainly exemplified that! That precious little Beagle was always there waiting to be loved, petted, and to be cuddled. He certainly enriched your home! When we would come to your house, he was always there at the door to greet us with his deep, low, rich and resonant bark. I think had he been in a quartet, he would be the bass singer! I appreciate how he could sense your needs and was a constant and loving companion for you. His memory will always be with you; and when you think of him, may you be blessed with precious memories that bring smiles and joy.
"Grandpa" T.J. Johnson - January 24, 2020
Dear Christy and Rick,
There is such sadness in my heart over the lost of Hunter. How I loved this tiny beagle who entered the Moser house with part of his ear chewed off but found a world of love and left behind such precious memories. While on a walk he could quickly slip out of his collar, run down the middle of the road, ears flapping in the wind, to meet and greet another dog, or find a sunny spot on the grass to roll in, with legs flying. He loved his walks and was always ready to go (unless it was raining or cold) and seemed like he could go on walking forever. I smile even now as I remember them. I will be forever grateful for the strong bond formed between this sweet dog and our precious daughter. He proved his love by sensing her needs and always being by her side. I will miss Hunter a lot but there is a pawprint on my heart that will always remain.
"Grandma" Sue Johnson - January 22, 2020
Christy and Rick-
So sorry to hear about Hunter. I’m sure Matthew is loving him up!
Big hugs to you! 💕
Liz Olejnik - December 13, 2019
Sweet Hunter,
You have been a constant companion to Rick and Christy. I know how much they loved you and enjoyed dressing you in funny costumes. You were a good sport. Although you were small in stature, your presence and heart were big, and you always took care of everyone around you. I loved the time I was able to spend with you. My heart aches for Rick and Christy, and rejoices knowing you and Matthew are together again. Hugs and kisses to you both!!! You are so loved and missed.
Aunt Shelly
Michelle Moser - December 10, 2019
My whole life I had wanted and waited to get a dog. I really wasn't planning to get a dog when fate intervened and had me stop in at the Washington County Humane Society on my way home from work. One of the best moves I ever made. You exceeded anything that I could have ever wanted from my first dog. You were the picture perfect definition of a Beagle. You were so much more a member of the family than a pet. Its unbelievable the void that a 24 pound Beagle can leave in a household. I miss you dearly but am at peace that you are no longer sick and I'm sure Matthew is glad to have you.
I miss you my little Napoleon.
Rick Moser - December 9, 2019
My Precious Cousin Christy,
I loved hearing about Hunter and grew to love him too. Now he is running happy and Matthew has his friend by his side once again.
Jenny Woodard - December 9, 2019

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