6/1/2007 - 12/6/2019Today is a day I have been dreading for a couple of years now. We had to let Athena go. 13 years ago we went to get a Silver Lab and found Athena. She was ornery, tiny and beautiful. She grew quickly and became a big and strong 85 pounds of lean muscle. Just gorgeous as she stood at attention. Full of energy, spunk and love. Five-mile run – check – swim in the lake – check – ride at the front of the boat -check pillow for the kids – check – adult therapist as we rehabbed an old house - check. A major part of the family is an understatement.

Sadly, Athena has been dealing with hip dysplasia, arthritis, tumors and a fairly significant heart murmur. All zapping her quality of life and her ability to do many of the things she loved. At first it was just not wanting to go upstairs, but over last month there was clear signs of significant pain – pills and proteins only go so far. Her personality, attitude, smile and spunk were never impacted – she is a Labrador and they will please and be a part of things no matter what. That makes the decision much more difficult, but it was time, her eyes told me it was time. She was too good a girl to not be able to enjoy walks, runs, snuggles and the basics. She was a great dog, my baby girl, full of personality, smiles and sweetness. I will miss her beyond words – it hurts! But she will always be with me.

We made the best of today we had ribeye, pup cups, Three Dog Bakery cupcake and just hung out. She Facetimed with Ava and the boys paid a visit. It was a difficult but good day.

We will miss you baby girl, but your pain in gone. Our pain will diminish over time. We love you and will see you on the other side. We know that because All Dogs Go to Heaven. Athena you have raised the bar for any future dog and you will never be replace. Love you baby girl.
Andy BartonIndianapolis, IndianaDecember 9, 2019
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