Mezzo Forte
1/1/2009Mezzo was a wonderful cat. In his youth he was very powerful and “king” of the house. As he got older, he became more loving and enjoyed a good cuddle. He was extremely talkative (hence the name!) and would speak up on business conference calls! I sing with a quartet and his meow can be heard on many of our recordings. I will miss his companionship and the trusting way he would curl up with me (but no one else).Jennifer PalusBrentwood, TennesseeDecember 10, 2019
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Mezzo was such a precious cat. When I would come over he would say hello and take me to the closet where his bird toy was. I’d take it out and we would have play time before I could participate in QT rehearsals. I’m going to miss him.
With love & hugs,
Kat Greene - December 13, 2019
I never got to spend much time with Mezzo in person, although I will always cherish the few scritches I furtively snuck in during my visits to his castle. He was so handsome! I enjoyed following the adventures of Mezzo during rehearsals. Sending love & virtual hugs your way.MK Sewell-Loftin - December 12, 2019
Sweet Mezzo RIP. I will miss your Video Bombing quartet practices. Loved you from afar.
Be on the lookout for my sweet Jasper Lovejoy. He crossed-over The Bridge 12/2/2019 and will be happy to be your friend and keep you company.
Kay Lovejoy - December 12, 2019
It is so sweet to see your pictures and read your stories to get a bigger picture of exactly who Mezzo was. I love that you have these forever reminders of him and his larger-than-life personality on recording! What beautiful memories to cherish.Abra Osorio - December 12, 2019
Rest In Peace, Mezzo Forte.Dot Hackman - December 12, 2019

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