5/9/2009 - 11/18/2019In the most loving and caring memory of my handsome prince Charger. Charger was the runt of the liter and the last to be wanted. I drove down from Lake Tahoe and scooped him up at just 6 weeks old. He was so little. He would sleep on my chest at night and subsequently never broke the habit of wanting to sleep in bed with me, even when he grew to be the size of a small human lol. I used to blow my breath into his nose when his eyes were barely open. I wanted him to always know my smell as one of comfort. As he passed I did the same so he would know that his mom was there and he was safe. Charger loves to play ball more than any dog I’ve ever met. He was loved by all who met him. He was the sweetest, kindest, most loving animal and I could not have asked for more. He loves me more than anyone or anything. He travelled the world with me and went on so many adventures and met so many people. My best friend and companion is gone and my heart will forever be broken and I will always fee a hole where he once was. I am so grateful to Las of love for giving him the passing he deserved. In dignity, in the comfort of his home, surrounded by warmth and love.Ashley PuidaLas Vegas, NevadaDecember 12, 2019
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Charger was the bestest boy in the world! I am is Auntie Chrissy and he would come stay with me whenever his mom Ashley would go out of town. I also got the opportunity to live with Ashely and Charger and from the moment I laid eyes on him I was on love. He was a sweet gentle boy, he loved to cuddle and snuggle under the covers. We would go on walks to our favorite coffee shops, he was my buddy when I went out to eat, we would sit on the patio and have a beer together. I took him everywhere I could. He looked big mean and scary, but his heart was of gold. He was the best comforter! When I was sad or crying or having a bad day he was always there to listen and provide unconditional hugs, licks, and love. I loved his stinky smell, his drooling mouth he wiped all over my couch and he little waddle when he walked. He loved to play fetch and just be in the action where anybody was. He had a funny snort about him. Sounded like a little piggy at times, he didn’t like the thunder, he would hide under the bed for comfort. He truly was a smart and an amazing dog with so much love to give back. He was very obedient, loved other people and dogs. I’m going to miss him SO much! I use to call him Mr. Pants and my big big big big boy. He truly was one of a kind. I love you Charger! A big thank you to his mom Ashley Puida for introducing him to me and raising such an amazing handsome boy and sharing his love with me!! See you in Heaven Mr. Pants!! 💙Chrissy Sybesma - January 26, 2020
He was such a beautiful baby boy and you took such wonderful care of him. R.I.P. baby boy. 💙Devra Vest - December 14, 2019
He was a handsome dude for sure. I enjoyed walking him through crowds of people because everyone wanted to pet him and he just wanted to explore with me. I would take him to see Ashley at work and everyone would tell me how beautiful he was. Charger was big but he was a softy. He like to wrestle with me but not as much as he like to play ball. I will miss how he protected Ashley when I wasn’t there.Aaron Reed - December 13, 2019

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