Coco (mimi) Jones
5/2/2006 - 11/3/2019It's taken me weeks to get through the day without tears but I'm finally ready to write about her. Coco was a little fluff ball full of spunk. She was and forever will be my first child. She taught me patience, responsibility, sacrifice, and unconditional love. I named her Coco but called her Mimi. She was a strong independent dog but she loved her mommy. She was a little shadow following me around from room to room but snuggling on her own terms. She was smart as a whip- and she knew how to get what she wanted. She could get rubs from anyone in the room just by batting her eyes. She knew when I had a migraine coming on and would lay by my head until the pain went away. She always seemed like she had an old soul. The way she would watch things and take it all in made her seem like she knew she was fulfilling a purpose. I cared for her fiercely but really she was always the one protecting me. She kissed my tears when I was sad and wagged her tail so hard when I laughed. My goodness, I love that baby. I miss her more than I ever thought possible. I know she will always be with me. It was a privilege to love her and to be loved by her. Miss you, my little Fraggle. I hope you're getting endless amounts of rubs and cheese.Taryn Jonesdallas, TexasDecember 12, 2019
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Sweet Coco! She was the perfect little princess and was so lucky to have you as her mom. What a special love the two of you shared. May she rest peacefully <3Dr. Sarah Tangeman - December 24, 2019

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