Sophie Rose
1/12/2010 - 12/12/2019Sophie Rose; she was as lovely as her name. The most gentle, snuggly, goofball of pure sunlight, Sophie Rose made everyone she met feel happy. The most gentle of souls, Sophie would always greet us with her "baby" stuffies and a million kisses. Our most precious girl that filled our lives with sunshine and warmth. The sun is a little bit dimmer now, but our lives are forever changed because of her. We will miss her dearly, every single day, knowing that there is no replacing her, but grateful that just her being with us made our lives so much better. Sophie, our girl, we love you.Nancy and Rebecca HollowaySaint Petersburg, FloridaDecember 13, 2019
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Sophie was an angel on earth. She always brought a smile when I came to visit and always left with a bigger smile. My favorite part was when I would shake her paw she would always squeeze my hand back and that is something special that I will always miss.Laurie Alicea - December 19, 2019
I met little Sophie when she was a tiny, doofy puppy; and got to spend a whole year with her and her family. I got to see her grow into a beautiful dog, who still kept her doofy puppy personality. She was so playful and energetic, always happy to see you. She even learned to "squeeze" your hand back when you'd shake hands with her. It was amazing! But she was always so gentle and solemn when you needed a friend. The way she rested her head on my lap and looked up at me, as if saying "I'm here for you", on the days when I was feeling down always touched my heart. To me, Sophie was like a lap dog that needed a Golden Retriever's body to house her big, warm heart. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with her, but I always treasured the blonde fuzz clinging to my clothes after a visit. Even if she wasn't my dog, Sophie holds a very special place in my heart, and I will miss her dearly. But I am happy, because she is no longer suffering, and became our fluffy, doofy guardian angel. I love you, Sophie-Sophe!Nashira Alicea - December 19, 2019
Such a beautiful soul that will be missed.Megan Wehrwein - December 18, 2019
Sophie Rose was such a ball of sunshine. She would always see me and come running and give me the biggest hug. I will never forget such an amazing and loving dog. She will always be a bright bean in my memories. From the first time I met her with Rebecca and her jumping through tall grass to our many adventures and our trip to the beach. I will miss her dearly but she will be a part of me and all of us. I will miss you and always love you Sophie Rose.Katlyn Crider - December 14, 2019

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