8/8/2007 - 11/25/2019Missing your feisty personality. Our home feels so quiet without you. You helped me feel secure during a scary time and provided so much company when I was lonely. You were the very best ‘mom’ of Guinness and ensured that he and every human in our home followed ‘the rules’! Without you here, there is no one telling us to go to bed at the ‘required’ time or telling Guinness not to eat the faux berries in the Christmas decorations. We miss you terribly but are thankful that you no longer are in pain. I have no doubt that you’ve met up with Amadeus and are running around with him (and likely bossing him around!)Susan LearnedChesterfield, VirginiaDecember 14, 2019
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Missing you already Gracie-I have so many precious memories caring for you and Guinness-and so honored to have been able to spend so many days and nights with you! I will miss you “yelling” at me in the wee hours of the morning, to get up out of bed, because when Gracie said it was time to go outside, it WAS time! Will miss your sassy personality-hearing your big paws “stomping” across the house, until you found me, only to abruptly halt and stare inquisitively, or when you would cry for extra treats, and I usually gave in-walking to grab the mail and sitting on the dock watching the water and the night sky won’t be the same without you. Guinness and I know that your spirit will still be with us this holiday season and every visit moving forward.Lisa Pitts - December 26, 2019
It was my honor to meet beautiful Gracie and her loving family. Even when she wasn't feeling her best, I could sense that motherly spirit and protective nature. You feel safe around a spirit like that.Kiley Cameron - December 17, 2019

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