12/2/2002 - 1/2/2020Thursday afternoon, my baby girl Kiki, passed away peacefully in my arms. She was a great furry companion, always greeting me at the door, showing me her empty food bowl, sassing back to me when she got into trouble, snuggling with me, helping me stretch after a run, scaring my brother, etc. I have so many wonderful memories of Kiki, which makes it very hard to say goodbye. She wove herself into my every day life, and I miss that. She was a tough little old lady: she survived many health issues and procedures, and made it to age 17 (I had her for 11 yrs). Unfortunately the cancer is what got her. She had more then 9 lives and even gave me a few. Her pawprint will be forever on my heart, and I hope she greets me on that rainbow bridge, probably being chased by Keith.Lynne MartzWesterville, OhioJanuary 6, 2020
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She will always be a part of you. She was a beautiful cat with so much personality!! I am so happy that you had each other!!!!Maryanne GILMAN - January 7, 2020
i'll miss you cornering me at the foot of the stairs daring me to walk around you!
Despite the hissing and growling in disgust of Uncle Steve's loud and obnoxious voice, I enjoyed visiting with you and sneaking a pet of your soft soft fur.
I love you Kikster and will never forget you!
Uncle Steve - January 6, 2020
It was such an honor to meet sweet, sassy Kiki. It was immediately clear to me what a special girl she was and what an important role she played in her Mom's life. I enjoyed hearing all about her silly antics and letting her cozy into her Mom's loving embrace with a belly full of salmon before gently helping her cross the Rainbow Bridge.

She will always hold a very special place in the hearts of those who met her <3
Nellie Wilbers - January 6, 2020

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