Lexi Hunt
2/2/2012 - 1/4/2020Lexi was the most beautiful, smart, charismatic, fluffy dog you could ever ask for. As a sheltie, she took it as her personal mission in life to keep our back yard free of birds, squirrels, voles, moles, or any other type of creature she deemed unfit to be in our yard! She loved to chase laser lights, tear squeakers out of any toy we bought her, and most of all, eat. She was an excellent watchdog but very good at meeting new people--in particular, she thought my husband's brother was rock star and would get so excited to see him! She would wake us up at the same time very morning to eat and go in the back yard to start her patrol with a soft, polite, but ever more insistent whine. She was a loving dog who just enjoyed being in the same room as you and I have to admit, we talked to her like she was a human. Sometimes, she'd cock her head to the side and look at us so intensely I swear we thought she was going to speak. She is and will be terribly missed.Mary Ellen HuntLexington, KentuckyJanuary 10, 2020
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