12/8/2006 - 1/8/2020Kaysie you were the best girl. So smart and loving, not once have I ever heard a growl or complaint from you despite all the struggles you have had to go through over the years. You always kept your brothers safe by watching over them and never leaving their sides whenever they were around. You comforted me through many ups and downs too. I can never thank you for all the joy and peace you brought to our family.
Yesterday was one of the hardest days I have ever had to go through. You are a tough girl and I could see how tired you were and we were missing you even before you were gone. You have taken a part of our hearts with you on your next adventure and while you are missed so very much now, you will never be forgotten. You are forever a part of our family history and stories of you will be told to all who will listen. We Love you, Our Sweet Kaysie Girl.
Calla GrussBuford, GeorgiaJanuary 11, 2020
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