1/21/2006 - 1/10/2020Opie was our baby, our son, our protector and our furnace when we were cold. He had a big personality and expressions on his face that would make us all laugh. He was mama's companion and shadow wherever she went. He loved to eat which eventually led to diabetes :( BUT he took his shots of insulin bravely everyday. As a true Beagle he would chase everything including deer! When he was just a puppy he found a den of bunnies under the playhouse so he decided to crawl under there as well. That was a terrifying experience because we weren't sure how to get him out but eventually he surfaced. He loved to escape the yard and run and run and run forcing poor mama to run after him as fast as she could with her short legs. As he got older his escapes turned into slow walks that would lead him back home eventually. He had a bed in practically every room but his favorite spot was under the kitchen counter where he would roll and wrap his heated blanket up. He loved to fluff his beds and he loved his heated blankets straight out of the dryer every morning. He loved to howl with the fire trucks as well as when mama sat at the piano and sang though the best was the 1:00 Tornado test. He howled through the hole thing every Saturday. His fur was unlike other Beagles. His was downy soft, not brittle, right to the end. This was something that everyone commented on. He was just so soft. Opie even had a special bark that was kind of like a secret code. I knew when he wanted to go outside. His bark was short and deep. He always knew what time Breakfast and dinner was without wearing a watch.When his cancer arrived he still acted as though it was nothing. Always full of love and a thousand kisses for everyone. Never a peep to let us know that he was in pain. We thought he would win the battle but he could go on no more. He will always be my "furry child ", my little Oootah, that's what I called him. Opie will always be with me. I'm sure of thatLaura CerritoBloomfield Hills, MichiganJanuary 12, 2020
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It was truly amazing meeting all of you and the love that surrounded Opie was beautiful! I am so glad that Opie got to enjoy all the cake and treats and relaxed in what looked like a favorite spot on the couch. Sending you all loving prayers!Kayla Stomack - January 17, 2020

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