2/17/2007 - 1/2/2020Phoenix was my fur baby for almost 13 years, and was the sweetest dog I've ever known. She never so much as growled or barked at anyone, only wagged her tail and greeted them with such happiness. We always joked that if a burglar broke in, she would make friends with them and show them where we keep the valuables. Even still, I always felt safe with Phoenix by my side. Sometimes on walks we'd run into "sketchy" people, and I just knew in my heart that she would protect me if something were to happen, and I was never afraid with her around. She always knew when I was upset, and would come over and just sit near me, or sometimes push her head under my arm to be close to me.

Phoenix helped me welcome my (human) daughter into the world in October. I'm so happy that she made it to welcome her baby "sister", but so sad that my daughter will never know her sweetness. I hope that she will become my daughter's protector now from afar.

I'm so lonely without my protector and my cuddler.... The house is so empty without you, Phoenix. The hole in my heart is huge. There is always a gaping empty space at my side now. No dog will ever have your personality.... you were truly one of a kind. <3
Meg ChristensenAurora, ColoradoJanuary 12, 2020
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Gorgeous Phoenix was such a sweet girl. I'm so glad you had almost 13 wonderful years together. She truly couldn't have asked for a more loving family. I'm sure she's watching over your baby girl now and will for years to come.Jennie Brindler - January 13, 2020

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