Kekeanna Marie
1/20/2006 - 7/19/2018It has taken me this long to write this. It's almost two years since you left us. Your birthday is next week, and I still do not know what to do. I miss you so much, and I know Stephen does too. You brought so much joy to our life. I couldn't imagine being without you then. You were so happy all the time, you love to sprint in the back yard, and I always worried that you would hurt yourself, but you knew what you were doing. I couldn't take that away from you, so I just moved everything so you could run free with no problem. I loved our cuddle times. As you got older, you would fuss, but I knew you still enjoyed them once you turned your head and gave me that kiss that everything will be ok, mom. I know Stephen would get mad when you would steal his food, but I think he did it on purpose so you can get it. That's why he would laugh and say mom it's ok, I will get another one. I miss our dances in the kitchen.
I turn the music up dance while you turn round and round, wagging your tail. You were hard-headed just like me, but it was ok we had an understanding. When I brought Yona home, everyone was afraid because you couldn't see, but I knew you would be very gentle, and you were. Y'all became partners in crime when he started walking on the walker. You still were able to steal his snacks, and he taught it was the funniest thing in the world. I wish he had more time with you. I know I would be yelling Keke Yona what are you doing! SMILE We miss you girl so much!
Mel StroutYorktown, VirginiaJanuary 13, 2020
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