3/28/1999 - 4/18/2014Callisto was such a loving dog that always followed me around from one room to the next. She was my workout buddy and loved to sit next to the elliptical machine as I ran. She loved to cuddle with the family as we sang her favorite song to her.
When she was a puppy, she loved to jump up and tease Athena her older sister. Athena passed away in May of 2010 so we decide to get her a companion and picked up Zoe in Dec of 2012 from Atlanta. At first she hated the little vibrate puppy but soon her love grew and the little one taught Callisto how to be young again. Both loved to grab ice cubes and run with them to the couch. Last year Callisto was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. We tried everything to keep her symptoms down and she made it to her 15 birthday but then seemed to decline quickly. On wed night she laid with me and we cuddled all night. I looked her in the eyes and could see her pain and decided I would not let her stay in pain anymore. Friday we drove to a beautiful local canal and laid her down on her favorite pink blanket to rest and drift off to heaven. I played the song "let her go" and her pain went away. I loved that dog with all my heart and I hope she is running around with her older sister in heaven teasing her again.She was part of our family and we will miss her furry little face every day. RIP Callisto!
Karen BengivenniBoynton Beach, FloridaApril 22, 2014
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Our Darling Callisto,
As I write a few words about you,my tears keep falling down my face.. Papa and I loved you very much, but I know you already knew that..Our hearts are so saddened when we think of not coming to your house and not seeing you there anymore,but I know your up in heaven with Athena and Brandon and most of all your in no more pain. I hope your playing with Athena and Brandon,running and jumping all over the place. you will always remain in our hearts forever!!! give Athena and Brandon a big hug and kiss from grandma and papa,ok?? we'll all cross over the rainbow bridge together someday..Always let mommy know your with her,ok? mommy ,daddy and braeden will love you forever. RIP CALLISTO!!!! GRANDMA AND PAPA VOCI XXOO
We loved all of the great pictures and stories of Callisto!! I know she will always be with you in your heart. Love to your family!!Rebecca Edgar - April 23, 2014
RIP Callisto....I met you briefly at your house at one of your mom and dad's party and I instantly fell in love with you. You are greatly missed! xoxoJODI HIMELFARB - April 23, 2014
Calisto, may you romp and play at the rainbow bridge like you did as a puppy. You will be forever loved and missed <3Lisa Karney - April 23, 2014
Karen that was beautiful ! I am so sorry for your loss . I am sure she is happy and healthy again in heaven .Colleen Wallace - April 23, 2014
My 14+ yo old female cocker spaniel Zoe passed away peacefully on April 16, 2014, with the loving and compassionate help of Dr Angela Bross, in Yorktown, VA. Zoe was an amazing companion and I miss her dearly. As I was putting away some of her things I found toys she had from 1999 (the year she was born), she never destroyed any of her toys and was always so grateful to receive them. I have three large bags full of her toys, which I will be donating to a few SPCA's so other canines can enjoy them. One toy I will keep is from the Lion King - I bought it before she came home with me, we called it Pumba - it was her first toy. You would ask her where is Pumba and she would find it no matter where it was and bring it to you. I love you Baby Zoe - you will always be in our hearts and thoughts forever and ever.Ana Alicea - April 23, 2014
Callisto ..... What a brave and precious girl you were. I was amazed at how you fought to stay around for your mom.
I will always remember your tender face. I know you are at peace now and that brings me great comfort.
Kim Simons - April 22, 2014

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