3/15/2005 - 1/20/2020Your Passamaquoddy name was Mejuard which means "messy hair" We thought that was a lot of name for a 2# terrier mix pup, so we called you Mejee ( rhymes with wedgie.) You grew up to be 10#, and you were the sweetest and most loving little dog who came everywhere with us, You loved being in the boat on the lake. You would stand on your back feet in the bow, and your ears would be flying back in the wind. You went on long walks with your Daddy who had an attachment to you, unlike any he had ever had with a pet. We both miss you, little one, You were a trooper and endured tests and medications for Cushing's for more than 4 years to give us more time with you. Thank you for loving us, Mejee. You will always be in our hearts, and we are so grateful that you were able to leave us peacefully.Frances BetzEaston, PennsylvaniaJanuary 21, 2020
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Mejee was such a sweet, wonderful girl. You gave her many wonderful, happy years, and she was so blessed to have had such a loving family. I'm glad you have so many happy memories with her. Run free, sweet girl, until we meet again.Dr. Amy Parrish - January 31, 2020
Meggie was a sweetie. I will hold good memories of her when I would see her walking in the early morning.
She was a lucky dog to have you & John. May you always cherish the memories that you have of her.

Darryl & Dan
Darryl Fosbrook - January 23, 2020
Dear Fran and John,
Your sweet little Mejee lived her best life with the two of you. Through your example, we have become better pet caregivers to our Cody. We know what joy they can bring, and we are happy to have known your very special dog.
Bill and Dianne
Dianne and Bill Craft - January 23, 2020
Dear Fran and John,
I remember when you would take Mejee for a walk. If my garage door was open, Mejee would run into my garage. Never found anything but always seemed like Mejee was on a mission. I thank you all for allowing me to have those and other speccial memories.
God Bless, Darlene
Darlene Lewis - January 23, 2020
Rest In Peace sweet little Mejee! We will miss not seeing your sweet little face around the neighborhood. You brought us so much joy. You had the sweetest little personality. 🐾🐾. . - January 22, 2020
Loved little Mejee for many years and had many, many, licks over the years. Will always remember strutting along in those little legs. Know how much she was loved by my dear friends. Rest in peace little one.

Marsha Brong
Murrells Inlet, SC
Marsha Brong - January 22, 2020
Mejee was a sweetie!!

I will always remember how much she was loved by both of you. She was lucky to have you both in her life and you will always have the memories of her to hold with you in the future.

So very sorry for your loss but know she is in peace now.
Michelle Ferris - January 22, 2020

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