7/4/2002 - 1/21/2020Sweet Dot, you came into our lives like all our Fur Babies chose us that night when we were at a friend's house and you seemed to come out of nowhere, and immediately jumped into my lap, claiming ownership of me. Our friend had said you were a ferral kitten, abandoned by it's mother for being the littlest in the litter. But we all know that sometimes the smallest also means being the fiercest. And you were. We took you home and you taught us to stand our ground, never back down from the things that matter, to pick our battles wisely...and to demand five meals a day.

We had hoped you would stay with us forever, but we knew this day would come when you would have to say goodbye. We saw you suddenly go downhill one Saturday afternoon, refusing to eat. We thought it was just a slight bug. But this was different. It was more than that...the tired look in your 18 year-old eyes, your refusal to eat or drink, told us that your time was coming. We didn't want you to suffer, and we decided to do the right thing for you, no matter how much our hearts broke. We are so honored that you chose us to be your Mom and Dad. Thank you for your grace, your lessons and your unconditional love. We will always love you, sweet Dot.
Kathryn ChavezLas Vegas, NevadaJanuary 22, 2020
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